Friday, September 12, 2008

Life is unpredictable

Here I'm sitting thinking why life is so fragile and some devil are so cruel keep pushing the worker to finish job fast!...Zoe also sitting by my side she having the same thought as I am?

Today our roof project contractor worker fall from 5Th floor to the ground and die after 8 min, after fall to the ground with his head crack seriously and both leg& hand broken! he is a Sarawakian, 30 years of age and came all the way here to Johor just in order to get a better pay but sometimes is not necessary good returned but lost his life, I felt so pity and sad to heard this news this noon...our management is cruel!!! always make our contractor suffer and set all the cruel rules to them not only that always make things hard for them! I hope this people get retribution one day! May God bless his soul... in Jesus name, amen.

Original Kim Lan Chichen Rice '' my mother recipe''

6) put in all the chicken, bitter guord, chic liver and mushrom ok , after the giinger turns golden brown. 7) add black sauce, organic white sauce and a little salt- see nice or not the combinations?

8) finally add all into ready cook rice...mix well, cook warm for 3 is tha FRAGRANCE CHICKEN POT RICE.

4) soak the chicken liver in salt water cut to slice first- to really detox it then is healthy to eat
5) fry ginger, garlic and small onions to golden brown in a chinese wok

Today i have a sudden urge to cook my mom recipe, taste good...! 1) kampung country chicken cut to pieces and must clean well with water

2) bitter guord cut to slice 3) mushroom soak with water till soften then cut to slices ok

Hope you will taste this wonderful chicken rice too:-)