Wednesday, May 28, 2008

coffin boss! told me....eerrie..truth! but is the truth

Today me and 3rd brother went to the government department to get a death cert done for my (2ND brother death...some time ago) . While waiting for the things done , you know government department take quite long to do their works sometime right, so while waiting i met a lady coffin boss set beside me, we start to chit chat i find out this from her! the latest method for prolonging death bodies is SUCK out all the blood of the death first from a big eerie needle dig dig dig she said!, she said better don't look- you get scared if you do see how they done it! then only inject with chemical again to the body! oh...though i know that when we die, we don't feel anything but i wont want this if i die...follow up she let me know the best is DRY COLD ice for THE DEATH ...but can only stand for 2 days, is fine 2 day's more than enough...if for my death one day to come...simple is the best.Have to face this facts, everyone of us have to come to this day right?

Another info from her is - if one die before 50 years old, withought sickness report from a doctor, sudden death the law now must let the hospital to operate the body and head to certify the reason of a must now she told me! really meh? horrible...errrr ....enjoy life to the fullest while we still much alive!