Monday, June 16, 2008

My Neck Pain Gone!

This morning when I wake up, my neck no more aching and could turn freely. Body felt so much lighter ....could this due to the Chinese sifu treatment? He did told me that all the pain that I encounter during the treatment will be worth while. I start to believe now! Same to hubby too, he felt his back pain is gone! ...will visit him again if we do go to Cameron next time.Lai sifu, don't specific any charges per treatment , he asked us to give free will from heart. All my vein now feel refresh! Fortunate to met him. Can see from the picture that my shoulder have less dark red clot then hubby meaning less toxin, this is because I'm very careful with my food intake and eat less out side now, the caused of the pain and stiffness on my shoulder, back and neck could be from an accident that took place 10 years ago , lack of exercises and put on quite a lot of weight too!.