Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Here Come's Our First Home Cook Dinner After A Week Eating Outside!

Tomato Soup With Chicken Breast, Big Onions And Red Dates ( Before And After Cook For Several Hours)

Organic Brinjal ( Before And After cook) Below

Crispy Out Side..So Juicy Under The Skin..And So Smooth Inside ( Organic Country Chicken

Just Came Back Home Last Night From Our Holiday

Chocolate Mint With Fresh Icy Cool Ice Cream For Little Zoe Since The Weather Is So Hot! In K.L.

Well so fast is already a week, just came home last night and have my bed back ! i love to travel very much and we met a couple a long the way during our holiday this time, they took 6 months holiday away from their work!, i certainly agreed to them when they said life is unpredictable and they work so hard, so fair enough for them to enjoy life since if they can afford to, ya...maybe i will do the same one day if we can afford to have a maybe 2 months holiday...? i think enough for me not 6 months, that will be too long for me..but one thing for sure i will miss is my own bed! can stay in beautiful hotel's but nothing compares to my own for sure. So many things to pack and bought quite a lot of stuff, though is time to save up some extra cash but is OK for us since we don't spend unnecessarily back here. Planning to cook some nice dish for my hubby tonight since we have been eating outside for the whole week during our holiday..uh mm what to cook for dinner???..OK ..Tomato soup ( with chicken breast) since i have bought quite a lot of tomato from Cameron the other day, the tomato still in good condition luckily ...and marinated organic salty chicken drumstick with pepper..! better hurry to the market nearby before they close! Will post picture of my cooking later.....