Thursday, May 22, 2008

Living Too Short; Dying Too Long

As i have always remind myself, live each moment as it come and live each day as it were my last...when will i die 40 years, 20,10,5 or today? It might be.. In reality, not one of us know how long we will live.Hubby and me drove to K.L. 3 months ago, on the way he remember the news he read about an accident that happened along the high- way 2 weeks ago, he stop exactly at the spot where the accident happen, we went down together just to take a look ...just wondering how it happen? that is what triggers in his mind, but on my side i start asking myself did this person who died in the accident tell his family how much he loved them? Did he love and live well? Maybe one thing is certain is that he still had things in his ''in basket'' that weren't yet done.Sadly, is easier to said than done , however, we act as if we're going to live for a long long time.We seems to postpone the things that, deep down, we know we want to do-i mention this not as a prescription to abandon our responsibilities, but to remind our self constantly how precious life really is...cherish the time while we still have it. Love and treasure every moment for life is so unpredictable, i wish you well.

* * * * * with love * * * * *