Sunday, June 22, 2008

Snatch Theft Is A Serious Case Now In Malaysia

As the snatch theft in Malaysia is getting serious nowadays, our head police officer from Selangor previously transfer to J.B. now and is here to give us his speech and co-operation of the public of how to hunt all the bad guys down. Do you think this is useful? I don't think so, but does help a little maybe since the new police station in Permas area is so close to my house, as he promised to the residents here that he make sure the police in Permas Police Branch will give us a faster attention if anything arise plus more police petrol car will round the place...good gathering and learn something here as I need to attend this meeting as a representative for my committee in where I resided . After that we are served with free lunch buffet.. However, for my personal opinion on this matter, if the government can allow a more severe punishment to those who commit this kind of crime, i think will definitely makes a different, the punishment is too too light!

Johor Noodle Soup Taste Best!

My friend and I went to have our favourite noodle soup today, she prefer the dry one that come a long with a bowl of fish ball soup. Also the lime sour plum juice...really wake you up! so tasty!
Johor Bahru noodle soup really taste best! dry or soup , taste mm um very good. If ever come to Johor Bahru come to Permas Jaya, just ask the people here where are the best Teo Chew noodle soup they will tell you, bet you wont regret..because Teo Chew Chinese very good in cooking noodle soup and J.B. have a lot of Teo Chew people here, so no problem hunting a delicious noodle soup here at all.

Have You Seen A Toy Poodle Eating Durian? My Little Zoe Love Durians!

Little Zoe is so addicted to durians! she is so happy jumping around whenever we bought durians home, crazy of durians ..worse than me!