Sunday, September 13, 2009

Interesting article I read from a blog...said....

The purpose of Investment

Many people when ask why they invest… the first answer is to earn money. Yes, many of the advisor or instructor when given speech on investment, the answer is “Making Money”. Is that so simple?
Few years ago, there’s an old man migrate to America, he told that live was boring at there. As he didn’t know English, didn’t know how to drive, life was no meaning until he meat a man who told him to invest in Stock Market.
This eighty years old man, start to invest part of his money, about 100 thousand in stock market. After he bought the stock, his life being to change, first, he started to read news paper. He subscribed to 3 news paper and began to search for dictionary on the word which he didn’t understand. After 3 years, his English standard had improved a lot! Beside, he start to listen to TV news in order not to miss out any important news. This had improved his English literacy as well.
The strange thing was the hearing problem also being cured after these days of listen to TV news. The gastric problem also improved a lot and now he need to take one big bowl of rice for each meal. At night, like student doing home work, he will perform chat drawing, study PE ratio, read company’s Financial Report and perform analysis.
At last, someone ask, after so many year of investing, how much money did he earn? He say, he still in the learning stage… after so many year, he lost 2 thousand. He further explained that he learn so many thing and feel live full of meaning. This happiness if can buy with 2 thousand, then losing 2 thousand was not a problem anymore.
As investor, do you still think the purpose for investment is “making Money”? The main reason for investing should be enjoy live and increase value of it. Of course, if you can obtain both, then you are the most Happy Person in the world!
... God never promise sky will always blue!