Thursday, December 18, 2008

Merry Christmas! Everyone!...Peace Be With You..Agift for all to niece drawing! April my niece..she is just 12 years old..enjoy everyone but


April wrote....this is my favorite kind of turtle. not sure what motivated me to draw this, i just felt like it. bubbles arent perfect, i know -_-

DRAWING DESCRIPTION (Created Dec 12, 2008) This is what April said below....
''This reminded me of the time i got my dog a giant bone for christmas. its was all wrapped up and she didnt know what it was, so she walked all around with it with the wrapper still on to find a burying spot for it''.

Apri wrote this...
my favorite reindeer!! hopefully this one will cover for the other christmas drawing that didnt turn out so well.

April wrote....this

''FULL VIEW MY CHRISTMAS PICTURE (doesnt show on a small scale) -_-i love animals! especially dogs! i also like drawing my animals in a cartoony style, for i want to be an animator when i grow up. i stink at drawing realistic things to be honest. i never took art lessons or classes. somtimes i think the best way to learn is to draw a whole lot! im still new to this site and i still want to learn how to draw better on this thing by all you awesome artists out there. compared to all the artists ive seen out here, i aint really that great at drawing (im not being modest, see for yourself)i dont reply comments, but i do read them and i do appreciate them please dont copy , trace, or steal my drawings and claim it as your own. all of my drawings are original, by my head, not copied or traced. if you want me to draw something for you, feel free to give me a request. i'll finish it for you as soon as possible, depending how busy i am''.