Saturday, November 22, 2008

What I Do Today?

Is Saturday, i cook black vinegar sweet /sour pork for hubby today! and myself of course. The taste and fragrant just taste wonderful combination..sweet and sour, yum yum!

Later 2.00pm the committee going to have a meeting, dont ever dream to have any good thing coming up from the group of hooligans! corrupted group! if in the meetin they made things mess up and yell again, my group and i will just walk off this time..sien..lazy to argue anymore.

Ya, recently i have read an article about history stone and wood bark made into pendant for sale in Jusco Tebrau City by a lady, saying that it will have healing effect on certain kind of you believe that? I dont, not at all...I believe our mouth and habbit are the main stream to a better healt of course our mind too :-) Here I have 2 unique stone bougth from orang Asli so many many year ago by my dear father, the Orang Asli told my father is a good stone...but still to me this stone is for cooling and soothing to wear as stone is cooling .

Next see what i bought for Zoe? A new shirt ...but see ..she always like to put on one sided sleeve...all her clothes ..she wore it that way, I can put the 2 arms in 101 times , she will tae out one..hehehe!:-)as you can see from the pic.