Friday, June 17, 2011

Know your right as a buyer's

Hi dear everybody, recently i happen coincidentally spot a property which initially i thought is a good buy. Later..the broker got his key for the houses there ..then i was told that all the 10 houses belongs to BUMIPUTRA lot..never mind later when i went in ..discovered is a TERMITE invaded property..worse the broker told me in his tactful way..that "the price is RM 220 K ...When you sign the S / P is written RM 210k , the other 10k are for my company , is that fine with you? he asked?i replied no..i need a deduction on the commis$$$ion!" 10k pay from a buyer to a broker??? is illegal !!! in my heart said...but the broker insist his 10k! or else no deal!...i asked him to go to hell!!! According to the law , only a seller is illegible to pay a broker fees of 1-3 % maximum, not from buyer. Unless if the buyer want to give maybe 1%.
Good bye to this house...well actually i like the location of this property but too bad is a bumilot with restrictions and broker play dirty!..
For time being, i wont be looking for property...i actually love to stay in my present apartment really a very nice little home :))