Friday, May 9, 2008


Many years ago .....i don't , I believe destiny is in our
own hand. But today, i believe one have a choice...but one cant eaccaped one destiny.
Do you believe in destiny? Some people don't but i start to believe,
that day i will be able to grab a good opportunity just right the corner, if only I go further but i have a choice not to go further to search...then i will have to face the consequences for my decision.You know what i mean?

I tried went against my destiny and i have paid a high price for my actions as well ..HE have destined everything for me even when I'm in my mother womb . A lot of things in our life are beyond our predictions. Now I live my life with the Grace HE gave me ...and i try to be obedience not by my might but HIS Grace that HE gave me ...cos there is no point to argue with the ONE that is so much GREATER. If God take something away from our life, we cant argue with HIM, there is a purpose for everything to take place . Everything we see are not permanent, even our own life...when we die .....whatever possessions we have we cant bring a long with us not even our memories. For me the best gift is enjoy the good food from the labour of our hard work and if God bless us someone we love and be love ..this is the best give!..among all. God had made us simple, but we are the one most of the time make it complicated always.

Another dear 3rd sister, she did not finish her secondary school during those days but destiny have change her life, she met my brother in law ....a man that love her with all his heart...married...and encouraged her to complete her study.... she completed her study ..get good results! in California! I'm so proud of her....! and glad for her ...the most wonderful gift of all is she have done her best! Thanks God....have a wonderful family right now with 2 beautiful kids staying in California.

Some people have so much they earn and earn...but something happen and sweep all they have earn! and back to nothing....what do you think ...destiny? In their destiny they are not destined to have , again as i have said..we have a choice...but if it is not destined for you to own certain thing...somehow ...somewhere ..we lost it all and back to square one.....if is destined is yours..will be yours.. whatever it may be.

Pray for the best in all areas ..if you are sad today..remember this too shall past...then at least we will appreciate happiness more when we have it.....wish you have a nice day ...with love.

I went to market just ...going to cook something special for my husband tonight..My mother recipe!


Well,.....finish cooking. Here it is........? I bet you my husband will be very happy when he see this for his dinner.I put a lot effort to prepared this dinner you know.....<<

Original mother recipe!.....really enough taste, smell true..NO bedek mnnnn!NO self praise , it have been test...and praise by my family members.. again don't judge a book by it;s cover, i;m not a good decorator but I;m a good cook! ha ha ha no maid around and I'm THE EXPENSIVE ONE here prepared for dinner. .. just to add a little meaning to my husband

stomach when he come think I'm a good wife? NO ! I'm just a wonderful lady!hehehe!

This vege i dont know what to call in English ...very good for our skin! fried with eggs and guest what is next....? Mother ...mun chu kiok....ah!