Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nice wonderful sharing ...

and gathering friend and I went to the market today..she asked me whether i would like to try her cooking or not..Thai!!! Ulam...NAM CHOK...Wowww! what is that ! huh? me from southern Malaysia, people here normally don't learn much about Thai Cuisine..

She really put sooo much effort to prepared this NAM CHOK...tumbuk( pounding all the gravy ingredients..) poor woman!..mnn i do help a little but i totally no idea what is it the next much work and step to prepare this food..huh!...But , finally here we are..hubby came back at the right time sitting and enjoying together...SEDAP!NYA...taste mmmm ! thumbs! up up...see in the picture lol...taste good know..first time in my life eating this Nam Chok...we all have a great time talking and sharing :~)

I personally felt is good so nice to do this..pull us so much closer that way...whether friends or family members...ya.