Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New roof top for my unit..hurray..hurray

Here i got!! snap shot! see the old roof flying down from the roof top? noisy and scarry...
As I was standing near by the window..the old pieces of roof keep flying down from the top! better close my window to avoid the dust ya.

my toilet fan..how to wee?..can see sky..if the contractors pass by from the top?...finishlah..while I'm inside?

Brand New Roof Top!

As I'm typing here, the contractors on top my roof top ...taking out all the old roof and replacing a brand new one for my home. ..felt happy ..since I have been hoping for a new roof all this while..the problem is I don't dare to go to the toilet to wee...! cos inside my toilet we install a ventilation fan and now through the hole of the fan I can see the sky..what if one of the contractor happen to walk past my toilet area! oh..is very noisy but is OK..cause I'm going to have a new roof for my unit and most of all thanks God today no rain.