Thursday, September 24, 2009


The Vegetarian Shop
You know, Buddhism teach people not to kill any living beings, including the chicken you eat. Last time I thought that vegetarian shops are doing a great deed because they ask us to eat vegetables so we don’t need to kill animals.At first glance, it looks like a good deed. But when I look deeper, I notice that YES, they don’t kill animals anymore. BUT, they are now upgrade they “bad deed” by killing human beings! The so-called healthy vegetarian food they cooked are mostly junk food/toxins. They are mostly deep fried and oily. I can’t even see how it can be termed as ‘healthy’. And I think killing human is WORST than killing animals. Making people sicked are a bigger sin than eating meat!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

This is what I mean the mooncake festival had lost it taste of the past..

just like this picture, you see the mooncake's now? it a mooncake?..or more like desert or some sort of tart's we can bought just anytime...mmm sigh, for me to have the real feeling for this mooncake festival, I personally will only have the origin taste ..that is '' tiu sha and len yung filling,...not jelly or whatever funny stuff...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Interesting article I read from a blog...said....

The purpose of Investment

Many people when ask why they invest… the first answer is to earn money. Yes, many of the advisor or instructor when given speech on investment, the answer is “Making Money”. Is that so simple?
Few years ago, there’s an old man migrate to America, he told that live was boring at there. As he didn’t know English, didn’t know how to drive, life was no meaning until he meat a man who told him to invest in Stock Market.
This eighty years old man, start to invest part of his money, about 100 thousand in stock market. After he bought the stock, his life being to change, first, he started to read news paper. He subscribed to 3 news paper and began to search for dictionary on the word which he didn’t understand. After 3 years, his English standard had improved a lot! Beside, he start to listen to TV news in order not to miss out any important news. This had improved his English literacy as well.
The strange thing was the hearing problem also being cured after these days of listen to TV news. The gastric problem also improved a lot and now he need to take one big bowl of rice for each meal. At night, like student doing home work, he will perform chat drawing, study PE ratio, read company’s Financial Report and perform analysis.
At last, someone ask, after so many year of investing, how much money did he earn? He say, he still in the learning stage… after so many year, he lost 2 thousand. He further explained that he learn so many thing and feel live full of meaning. This happiness if can buy with 2 thousand, then losing 2 thousand was not a problem anymore.
As investor, do you still think the purpose for investment is “making Money”? The main reason for investing should be enjoy live and increase value of it. Of course, if you can obtain both, then you are the most Happy Person in the world!
... God never promise sky will always blue!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nice wonderful sharing ...

and gathering friend and I went to the market today..she asked me whether i would like to try her cooking or not..Thai!!! Ulam...NAM CHOK...Wowww! what is that ! huh? me from southern Malaysia, people here normally don't learn much about Thai Cuisine..

She really put sooo much effort to prepared this NAM CHOK...tumbuk( pounding all the gravy ingredients..) poor woman!..mnn i do help a little but i totally no idea what is it the next much work and step to prepare this food..huh!...But , finally here we are..hubby came back at the right time sitting and enjoying together...SEDAP!NYA...taste mmmm ! thumbs! up up...see in the picture lol...taste good know..first time in my life eating this Nam Chok...we all have a great time talking and sharing :~)

I personally felt is good so nice to do this..pull us so much closer that way...whether friends or family members...ya.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


So nice ...ya? What does the picture remind's you?

The first picture deeply remind's me the beautiful memory of my childhood day's dad and my mother bought a lot of this '' ten lung'' for us , is cheap and sister and me, we were so afraid that the lantern burn off cos is made of thin color paper, the mooncake then is cheap and nice also, now is more of money making and dont taste as good!...i dont felt any speciality about the mooncke anymore..too many varieties!... but more of scamming my money cos is so costly..RM 10++ for 1 piece of it!...
I still love our original Lotus Paste & wu Tiu sah~those day's the business men is trying to make even icecream mooncake!. sambal, green tea..lousy!..dnt hv the taste of tradition...all they want is money, money, money.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Remember you cant take,car or anything with you...whenyou die..


last couple of weeks ago, a member of our church died at the age of 72... cremate~dust to dust ashes to ashes, may her soul rest in peace with God in HIS KINGDOM , well everyone need to reach this junction in life. So why are we still so pessimist about our daily issue at time's? I think? to the fullest possible and enjoy your life ....cos you really don't know when will your turn come, life can be very unpredictable ya, so just live one day at a time and appreciate the gift of health and love one's when we still have it!:~) I can almost guarantee that someday when you look back on your life it is not how many achievement or items that you have collected that maters to you, but~ is the time where you share with love one's and contribution to the society that matters most....from now on treasure your life.