Friday, July 4, 2008

We Have A Wonderful Day...

Having our tea time at moonlight cafe with fruity vanilla cheese! for hubby and me ...choc.slice !

hubby enjoying the view outside as well! so Green! my poor little ZoE WISH to have a bite too.

Famous Curry Fish Head! Exotic hot! with fragrance....................!

Fresh Fish Ball ( home made ) cook with tong fun , mince meat ..and spring onions soup Fry veg kai tasty!

Hubby took a break today from his second home! work lol where else...since morning we spend a great time together preparing breakfast , chit chat and watch a Tv show ..then we decided to have our lunch at our favourite place! Qiu Bo restaurant Curry Fish Head, the price still remain the same no increase yet, very reasonable or i should said cheap. The food is really very very nice here, you will fall in love ! is quite far away from town..that is why the price is cheaper here...but is worthwhile to drive there! YUM YUM...the fish ball soup is my favourite! why ? taste gooood! made from fresh fish meat by the chef here and the curry taste exotic! same goes to the fry veg here ..wooh! Later we have tea time at Moon Light Cafe at Pelangi Indah. Don't know why both of us talk a lot today......he is very quiet type but today is different! person woh!