Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Sister Came In From Singapore Yesterday

Is a happy yet tired day for me today! my sister and niece, also niece friend came in from Singapore to visit me and walk walk Johor Bahru early morning. I'm the driver, we went to few places like shop for our hair product at distributor shop...the price are much there..where you pay 50% less the price at saloon, if you purchase at any saloon shop. At this point of time is time to save and value our money right? See this....picture I also drive them to Jusco Tebrau City we have a lot of food today! here is what my sis bought for all ..breakfast when she reached my house.... duck kuey teow ! then follow another 3 meals outside..bak kut teh..then mid noon fry kuay teow..then dinner..5 dish course! MARVELLOUS tasty dinner indeed but busy makan( eating) forgot to take picture :-( ...never mind lol..happy happy ok lah!