Monday, June 9, 2008

Holiday Trip Tomorrow

Going for a holiday tomorrow with hubby and also Zoe this time! , to several places...will up date interesting event or places if spot any. So meanwhile i think my diet regime have to put aside first, no point to go on diet during holiday right? no fun. So will enjoy my favourite food and places as well, to the fullest possible, may God bless our journey tomorrow, a pleasant and safe journey since we will be driving this time.

Petro Rise Again In US Today!

The first thing i heard when on the Chanel news Asia is US oil price shoot up to 137 US! a barrel. Oh is the price of everything around. I better pray hard for the poor, i wonder how they going to cope? Hope Malaysia government control the price of the goods from taking advantage at this kind of time...and whatever going to take place we cant predict but start now try to save and invest a little..but must invest wise, wise, wise and smart OK. With the inflation hitting us so badly..the FD OR whatever savings interest are far beyond possible to cover the rate of inflation that flying high!.