Monday, July 28, 2008

Life is unpredictable to us when ...

last night hubby and me heard this from the 2 ND floor neighbor's that her son 27 years of age have finally stop battling with the cancer sickness, past away yesterday morning 8.00 am at the GH and the burial at 1.00pm meaning 7 feet under ground after 5 hours? no feeling's and no memories ever again for him , they are Muslim, is that the way is it for Muslim burial?...huuush! why life sometimes seems so short and beyond our predictions and control? I truly sympathize his mother whom is the one that take care of this son all the time during the hardest time..hubby and me attended his wedding just 2 years ago and we met him very often as he just stayed at 2 nd floor right, last month one evening while on our way going out the electric supply suddenly down we went back to take a torch , on the way down we met him for the first time after his 3 months treatment after discharge from medical centre, he is coming up but was so dark that hubby torch the light for him. Hubby said life is so unpredictable saying that we should enjoy life to the fullest, with the labour from our hard work. I certainly agreed !

Friday, July 25, 2008

Guess What Is This?....

Yes, is a toy but this toy is from Alliance Bank, only savers with 2000 above in an account maintain for more than 3 months are eligible to have it, is for resting our wrist when on line as well can be use for paper press, is very soft so nice to squeeze actually. So you see not easy to get this little cute piggy toy! but surprisingly i got it not because i maintain a 2k in my account for 3 months! sian! but from my request huhuha! as i just make up my mind to sign up their ( Allianz Medical Card). I think is essential for everyone of us to have time of handy for w never is always unpredictable 35 RM per month for minimum premium , I think is fine for that amount. Some people will sign up for a higher premium, a lot of people done that basically is base on one thing '' fear'' . Well minimum premium for me will be just fine ...I trust upon God Blessings more than insurance protections. All things are in God's hand.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Let's Contribute Love

:-"THE founder of a dog sanctuary is worried that the farm's latest fund raising efforts may be in vain. According to Furry Friends Farm (FFF) founder Sabrina Yeap, only a handful of tickets have been sold for a performance held to raise money for FFF."The Operafest Children's Choir, Kuala Lumpur and The Nyonya-Baba Golden Voices will perform at the The Royal Lake Club, Kuala Lumpur on July 25 to raise funds for FFF as well as another animal shelter in Taiping, Perak, but the response has been very slow,'' said Yeap.She added that besides buying food for the dogs at the farm, the funds raised at the performance was also needed for the medical care of the almost 100 dogs at the sanctuary.So, kind people out there, please help out by taking your entire family to the performance which is scheduled to start at 8.30pm.Tickets are only priced at RM30.00 each.For reservations please call:1) Tracy Ho : 016- 33233822) Wong Huai Chiing : 012- 20210083) Chris Ng : 012-31122574) Chris Chan : 019-38036505) Sabrina Yeap : 016-6319018"Come on, animals are helpless if we don't help them. I would most certainly go for the show if I was in town...Hey, look, you do get something in return for your money. Besides the knowledge you've helped some critters, you will also be serenaded! And hey, with a sanctuary like this, you'd have less homeless strays wondering the streets and passing diseases.So, let's support them!Oh, by the way, feel free to post this on your own blogs, and spread the word through whichever means possible...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

See My Hakka Yong Tou Foo...

Fry with hot heated veg oil

scrap out the fish meat slowly

put the fish meat on a clean plate

add some small prawns too, peel of the hard skin of the prawns

a combination of fish meat( sai tow yu) which contains the majority, prawns and 200 g of pork, chop to fine and blend the mixture chopping is better than blend with a machine but can be optional .Add a little salted fish, garlic and soy sauce , mix well together with the combination, really turns out tasty!

hi friend! this delicious yet healthy dish must cook for your family if you love cooking, of course this is a chinese dish but certainly worth give it a try..

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Some of you will said yuck!...but just to let you..

know this are my favourite chicken feet! is nice when is cook and clean nicely before cook, with a little sesame oil , ginger, garlic, small onions and black sauce....cook till soft, taste marvelous! but i bet if my brother in law a American, if he saw me eating this he will got a shock! huhuha! I did that many years ago when I'm in LA, when he got home he got a shock!! when my sister and me eating our chicken feet peanut soup.. so enjoy...ourselves .

Here ..see what i bought back from my kampung ( village)...

all the best durian's , 20 over years tree ! planted by my dearest that we are her children that get to enjoy from her hard work. ..''thanks to my mom'' miss my mother , today we went back to our kampung ..we have rambutan's and durian there..really enjoy our day! we have a durian's fees now at my sedap ( nice and good) uuhmmm!

Friday, July 18, 2008

See Who Wallop The Food?

We went to have our lunch today with my elder brother as he is givving all of us a treat ( belanja makan..) so i recomended the place where my favourite dish spot! in ulu tiram lol...all of them said good! see... wallop until I take picture also no time to see meh? so nice time to take picture lah.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Papa..Mama..Why Abandon ..?

My church on Sunday invited a group of children from orphanage home to our Sunday service, sometimes i really don't understand why human being's can be so heartless to the extent of abandoning their flesh and blood..child. One must think and consider properly in whatever they going to do , or else your child is going to be the one that suffer from your sin...! I truly sympathy all this kids..I wonder what kind of life ..without a parent's and when they are sad or sick, who will be so thoughtful to console them? the way, God have great passion for this group of children...that is what i believed.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Charlie..My Nephew

So! ... great post in the pictures! Charlie...big man huh?

Cant tahan his picture on my blog! so cool nephew really grow up so much compare when the last i seen him back here. Just received these pictures last week ..from my sister..
if i have a son like her's ..i will be so happy lol...


people gives selfish comments! you know what ? we are living in an apartment unit so naturally everyone have to pay their maintenance fees right? recently our roof seems leaking and is not only mine all of the highest floor units! thanks to the honest developer who gave us such a good roof now we get a quotation for the new roof and guess what..? the lower floor people said is not fair to use their maintenance fees for the roof..! since they are staying in lower floor, so I asked them if any damage occur in the lower floor can the higher floor owner said don't use our maintenance fees ? see what kind of attitude is this? maintenance fees collected are accumulated as a pool of money for the usage of the entire building, grass cutting and ext, in case there is any needs for repair. As a treasurer myself for the committee members here , I have seen the ugliest part of a human being..SELFISHNESS!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Last 2 Day's Been Eating Out ...Better Stop ..

Everything is raising included eating outside ...cost a lot in Johor Bahru if you went in to the wrong place ( cut throat) . But still there is quite many nice and reasonable place to dine here. Still to save in this inflationary time is better to cook at home if have time , been eating out this 2 days see what I cook for dinner? black don't know what ? paikut ( pork rib) with dry fermented black bean and garlic..uhhhh..taste soooo good you know? I just makan only..hehe..and another is hubby favourite fry egg with big onions lol ....

Trying to take small portion for rice cost I'm still with my project A- Slimming lol.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Look At My Little Zoe...Cute Or Not ? But Please Dont Act Too Rush Before You Are Sure..

Zoe girl have brings a lot of happiness into my life, just cant believe myself that I will love a puppy so much, if only I knew ....about how one can be so happy to live with a loving puppy ...I would not be so scared of having one long ago. If you are staying a lone or a small family is really nice to have them with you as your best companion! really but before you make a decisions to have one ..please...please make sure you don't abandon them..just get hot for a while then cold..then abandon! that is cruel..some people do that you know? Is a commitment of love think and consider properly if you really want to have a puppy's ..they are very kind and faithful one. But taking care of them really requires a lot of patient and love at times, also have to shower and prepare food for them. Can you ? you may ask yr maid to do it but it wont be the same...when you do this yourself for your puppy...though take some of our time but is worth it, if you enjoy the companionship .

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Be cautious with Our Financial..And who You Loan's Money From During Hard Times

This evening hubby and me when to visit a friend in a new housing estate...not far. A few doors away there we saw a house been splash with red paint all over the front roof wall! the house have been empty since according to this friend of mine , the owner dare not stay or come back anymore and she told us is because the owner lost a lot of money, because of the last foot ball match.......see what champion one can achieved without deep consideration and care with financials planning? Don't take loans from Ah Long, for the seek of gambling and out of advice to all that love to gam=ble....( their peace away).

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Keep The Unfinished Steam Chicken In Your Fridge

I keep my steam chicken inside the refrigerator ...when we cant finish the whole steam chicken the same day, is not good to waste food and I assured you that the next day.. just add some fine chop garlic..depends if you love garlic then you can add more and add a little salt to fry it to cook again , taste so wonderful to eat with rice, just another invention! you wont regret and enjoy...

Friday, July 4, 2008

We Have A Wonderful Day...

Having our tea time at moonlight cafe with fruity vanilla cheese! for hubby and me ...choc.slice !

hubby enjoying the view outside as well! so Green! my poor little ZoE WISH to have a bite too.

Famous Curry Fish Head! Exotic hot! with fragrance....................!

Fresh Fish Ball ( home made ) cook with tong fun , mince meat ..and spring onions soup Fry veg kai tasty!

Hubby took a break today from his second home! work lol where else...since morning we spend a great time together preparing breakfast , chit chat and watch a Tv show ..then we decided to have our lunch at our favourite place! Qiu Bo restaurant Curry Fish Head, the price still remain the same no increase yet, very reasonable or i should said cheap. The food is really very very nice here, you will fall in love ! is quite far away from town..that is why the price is cheaper here...but is worthwhile to drive there! YUM YUM...the fish ball soup is my favourite! why ? taste gooood! made from fresh fish meat by the chef here and the curry taste exotic! same goes to the fry veg here ..wooh! Later we have tea time at Moon Light Cafe at Pelangi Indah. Don't know why both of us talk a lot today......he is very quiet type but today is different! person woh!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Congratulation's To April My Niece ,For Her Special Achievement

Congratulation's to my niece April, she got her honoured Outstanding Academic Excellence Award from the President's Awards Program. Happy for you, you have done your best !

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Niece, April Birthday.....

April so love her little brother ...
April.... little girl those day' sweet right?
Bubble bath with my little baby cute lol!

Kid's really grow so fast.....April is a young and sweet lady now. Charlie her brother, my nephew cant wait to have a big bite on the Birthday cake! huhuhuha!

Happy Birthday dear!