Friday, October 31, 2008

Deepavali visit ...very happy gathering

Mine ! hubby and me went to an Indian friend of mine last night, their warm and friendly attitude truly touches my heart, we are invited to eat together with their family for dinner.when in their house and they are so friendly including their relative..which most of them I don't know them at all. The wife and her sister keep served me ''chapati hot from the charcoal stove behind their kitchen..right to my plate! huh!..we all have a good chat. Last they even pack a lot of home made cookies and food for me to bring back! This morning when i wake up ..hubby took all the cookies with him..maybe he worry i eat too much..gain weight! ya, but i still saw this ..maybe he knew i like this...that is why, round ans slightly sweet with fragrance..very nice and soft cookies.