Monday, November 10, 2008


Yesterday while I shop around in Jusco Tebrau with hubby and Zoe, inside my bag along with us :-) I can sense that business is getting slow now in all the shops and I actually wish to look out for a wooden dining went in to a furniture shop just to take a look..this shop is specialist in wooden furniture as I'm told, so I spot a dining table which I truly like the workmanship! but again the price is very pricey i told the supervisor i still need to consider about the price given... even after the discount he gave me ..RM 2200 after disc/ 1700 my mind still is a little expensive though is a good i told the supervisor that i will come back to him once i made up my mind for this wonderful piece of dining table, you know something?..I was surprise by his reaction..he said '' 99% of the people walk out from here wouldn't come back again, if they said consider ", on my side I really mean it when i said I will come to him if i really like it ...cos this is me..i mean what i said, some how i felt sorry for him..cos he looks me, and here i will not spend the money without thinking further cos recession hitting the world gradually now, well i might go back to him and surprise him..that depends how much i like this piece of wood, right? I really don't mind the price if i think is worth it. See how hard to deal with business these days..?