Tuesday, February 15, 2011

latest pictures in Chinese New Year..

Zoe, wondering how mummy..sudenly hv the urge to snap pics ..i can sense what Zoe is thinking . loke-loke on diet...slimmer now

Jonker street, wonder why the people so like to watch my puppy?#?

maybe they surprised the owner put them in a baby trolley...

so easy to push around, then letting them run around...the road is that hygiene mahhhh....rihgt?

so clean and neatmy home after dusting...hahaha

CNY dust away all dust...so clean my home :"

Who is the mother of the baby and who look's more like Nai Mah???

Nai Mah actual mother..me only imitator woa ahaha..

Loke-Loke looking and following me whenever i walk in the home... Evon, new born baby boy...taken in my own home, notice

my 2 ladies of the house??? CURIOUS/???

My daughter...no lah , is my friend daughter came to my house on


One of Jonker Cafe...........

Our puppy's became Star in Jonker Street Malacca! So mANY people took pics with them..ask for my permission of course..but some just snap..

When looking at my pics , I realize i have put on a lot! of weight :( some pics i took today and a week ago...just have the urge to snap ...around the home inside..a feeling of appreciation of what i already have, then yearning for things I dreaming to have more...