Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hill climbing truly so satifying and fulfilling

I realised this hobby truly suit's me so well, after the first climb around 5 years(500ft only) back this is my second time.Hushhhh, no jokes after so long this my second attempt. Least did i expect my little girl Zoe could did it so very well than me, except some accident happen along the way! her leg injured due to my negligence.

WE make IT!!! 1500ft! UP HILL on the 5th of June 2014. Not easy at all, I am so proud of my little Zoe girl and me hahaha...

                      My little girl leg injured..emmm, because i accidentally step on it! so pain my heart :(
                     Thanks God, is just a little minor skin bleeding, healed the next day!

. As for me big sweat out till my hair all wet also my entire body sweat all. Good for me to lost some weight.

 This two gentlemen are the committee leaders for this hill, very helpful and  friendly!  They are making some drink -green tea, so healthy. cooked the natural spring water from the mountain  with wood!

                   This is the superb natural spring pool created and built by the committees! next round if i go again i Will swim here! this trip not ready as i did not have extra clothes :)

              Looked like ancient Chinese  resting place! we always watch in a show..i like it.