Tuesday, April 28, 2009

RM980 Million ASW 2020 Sold In 4 Hours!! .....

what A GRAB!...so a little here and there people put their money in huh?...sukuk bond, ASM and ASW 2020, while i was waiting for my no in the post office near by my place for the ASM 2020. a Chinese lady was before me...she complaint to me saying that the post officer told her that she cant subscribe this bond for her son, she and her husband have subscribed anyway, she is not satisfied with the rejection...she told the post officer that she need to lodge a report cos is still so early why she cant buy this bond for her son...then later the officer allowed her to buy!..mmmm Wat a world now...me and hubby buy a little in this fund, capital protected and dividend rate will be better then putting in FD anyway, hassle free..don't need to worry( God Bless).

Amanah Saham Wawasan 2020 (ASW 2020) Dividend Rate Since year 1999Year


2008 - 7.00

2007 - 8.00

2006 - 6.80

2005 - 7.10

2004 - 7.00

2003 - 6.60

2002 - 7.25

2001 - 7.25

2000 - 8.80

1999 - 10.20

For those who had successed subscribe to this time ASW 2020, do wait for coming August dividend declaration date and see whether you are satisfy with the dividend rate.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Amanah Saham Malaysia (ASM)

Recently our government seems to offer a few options to the public, to fight against the inflation and also the heartache FD rate offer from all the banks!...first the sukuk bond fund which guaranteed a 5% pa return - definitely... Well ...and next is ASM!..hopefully will be better then the FD too.....since this is announce by our new prime minister !!! right? i heard that the fund been sold off !!! really? woaaaa! so many loaded Chines, chinese quota was fully taken up in just 1.5 days. RM999 million is able to be collected in such a short time really amazes me.e out there huhh?? don't look like recession?? oh ...simpan untuk hari hujan...ya . ..Reserved fund for future ....mnnn i think I'm not going to miss the next one coming soon on the 27th of this month...ASW2020 , put a little too ya, that means bye bye to all my FD! hehehe!!! since i did not play share's now....

) Dividend Rate Since year 2001
Year Dividend

2009 - 6.25

2008 - 7.80
2007 - 6.80

2006 - 6.75
2005 - 7.20

2004 - 7.00
2003 - 6.60

2002 - 7.00
2001 - 7.80

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Farewell my beloved .....

tooth, it is with me for so many many years, help me to chew and enjoy so many wonderful tasty food and i truly felt pain to depart with her. I have to responsible for what happening to her ..i went to the wrong dentist...this dentist is my friend, she hep her doctor for many years in a dental clinic...so i thought she is reliable. What happen is she fill up this tooth for me many months back but did not really fill up completely clean a little inside , so as time goes by ...the bacteria spread deep down into it. Recently, when i felt a sharp sensation whenever i ate my food on the left side ..this tooth really hurts!! so i make a trip to a real professional this time...he immediately told me that this tooth of mine need to pull out!..hesitated..just leave the place to seek for a 2ND opinion...the 2ND one took a x-ray for me. Finally...i need to depart my beloved tooth that is with me for so many many years...mnnnnn..next the 2ND doctor recommended me to a fix crown ..which is a much better option then fixing a false teeth on it, right? so crowning will be like real tooth, is fix and need not take it out ..anyway is fix permanently, the charges for crowning very expensive. I have no choice but to take it, cos i really don't like false teeth!!! luckily is inside on the left side of my lower jaw, big tooth indeed huh??? took the doctor so long to extracted it, maybe my tooth doesn't want to depart from me too,...i really clean it nicely but maybe the filling is too long been done since i'm in my primary school, and next when i refill many months back..the dentist my friend have no licence one.ahhhhhhh....

Sunday, April 19, 2009

True story..LOOK!! and READ yourself

the Robber! cut and slashed the taxi man arm!!!!
his hand...many slashed!!! too ...until the vein break!

his heart got deep stabbed by the cruel robber!!!

oh i was so sad for him , i miss one more shot! ( picture) the taxi man wrist also got slashed until the vein break!

Today i happen to sit beside this taxi driver in the church service, he is not yet a christian yet but he was preached gospel by some of the church member somehow they get to know him after he got so many stab and CUT! by a young and decent looking Chinese robber whom pretended to stop his taxi standing on the road side, the moment this young robber open the taxi door he immediately stab this poor taxi driver heart, causing him bleeding and luckily the stab just a few mm! away from penetrating to the taxi driver heart organ, happen that he kept some coins on his pocket..Thanks God the coins somehow save his life too. But the robber did not give up, after stabbing the taxi man , the robber asked him for RM 200 bucks , the taxi man did not have the amount of money and tried to escape by pulling the brake functions but unfortunately the taxi man was stabbed and cut seriously all over his arms!!!...jessss!!! really inhuman!!!! too cruel ! beware everyone when someone try to stop yr CaR!!! ...Nowadays the robber majority are INHUMAN!!! WORSE THEN WILD ANIMAL!!!!!!!! they will hurt you badly no matter what even before they get the money from YOU!..they hunt their target. Just see yourself ..the pictures of the poor victim, now he cant drive his taxi as he told me and worse he told me this is not the first time he got robbed ..the first time he got rob a year ago ,the robber stab hard on his stomach from the back sit and strangle him , this taxi man intestine also came out, according to him the 1st robber is a Malay and the recent 2ND one is a Chinese young chap!! decent look some more!!!! PHUEH!!! Devil!...hubby and me advised him to changed job when he recover some day, anyway his wife is a stayed home housewife..i think now they are going to face some financial difficulty. ..mnnnn .He told me he doesnt know what job he can do ...can anyone help him???.. pls leav yr contact to me K. Thank you.

Friday, April 17, 2009



Pls take yr time to view this...little girl, she is 5 year's old and her name is Yoo Ye Eun..adopted by a couple ..as they have no child. In her I thanks God for HIS love and HE is so GReaT!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Craving For A Bite ...

last night ..for cake's! i dont understand myself either why so crave for this...! indeed taste soooo yummy..cheese base mmmm!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

SUKUK BONDS:To The Gov offers!

Just came back from buying the guaranteed Malaysian Govt, 5% Islamic Sukuk bonds. It is the lowest risk and highest return so far offered by the market. Fixed deposit is only a mere ~2.5% per annum thus is bond is highly sought after by the public. This is the 1st series sale by the government. They need our cold hard cash!! huh???

Reason I buy: Good place to park my "unused" money instead of FD prior to buying more stocks, options , mutual funds during this recession. And it can easily allows me to redeem my capital at least after the 1st quarterly dividend payout. :P

Another RM2.5bln offer will come as the 2nd series. You can buy it any commercial bank branch, preferably the one that you have an account with. (with money in it of course)
See here for more info:Sukuk Simpanan Rakyat 2009

Monday, April 6, 2009

Thai food not my tastE!......

look ?..hubby try to console me by showing me how sWEET it taste...whahaha!

I went to A Thai restaurant on Sunday with hubby and Zoe... for dinner, I was attracted by an ad send by my sister, in the ad the dish really look wonderful as well the words inside the ad! see here is Wat we order...look delicious?...every dish the cook add a lot of sugar on it!so sweet that i just cant take it but still eat a little since i have order and pay for it, but the boss is very polite ..the environment very well decorate...i would said fantastic! environment and high class renovation..too bad I'm not a sweet tooth so is hubby:-( the TOM YAM is so sweet and hot a little...by right should be sour and hot ...ya.