Wednesday, October 15, 2008

If You Are Lonely....? Can consider to have a puppy.

how good..........i wish i sleep like her in the night, so shiok...! my thigh meaty or slumber issit? so this is 5 star bed..oh no..thigh!
when i blog on my bed..she also want to see.......k/poh..ya?
any puppy out there sleep like this...? snap picture for her also dont know..

I truly enjoy myself with my little puppy''Zoe''. She is so adorable as well as naughty too! she is more like a close friend to me now then just a little puppy...we share everything food and when i make up ..she will sit right there to watch me until i finish...she will wipe her toes on a cloth... on the floor..whenever her toes is wet. She will wait for me to sleep at night..she loves travelling! you see she slept on my thigh sweet dream.....:^). Remember, taking care of puppy need lots of effort, love and patients...and remember is a long term commitment! don't chuck! them away when one day you get tired of them...they have feelings too, just like human ok.

I Truly Like This...Taste Just Fantastic

sambal belacan Johor

You see...certain things may not look good but it certainly taste fabulous! just like this one ikan masak pedas( hot fry chili fish- ingredients;3 Big onions,chili , garlic a little and a bit of turmeric- blend well) simple ...? I have tried all the good food from Chinese to western...this one chili fish can never get tired of it, cos is just great! then eating sharks fin soup!!! sometimes....

Thanks God! Going To Have A New Roof For Chinese New Year

Lifting up the roof material up to my roof top!

Today the roof material for my apartment finally arrived early this morning, we going to add an air ventilation fan on the roof as well as heat proof layer on the new roof!....fianally!..when the roof stop leaking..better feng shui for Chinese new year right? that is feng shui believer's anyway...; but so far even it has been dripping water into my house ..still we are in good feng shui!..because God Bless!Amen. Hope after this can do some renovation in my well my master room happy today!Is worth paying for the maintenance fees come to think about it see now i dont have to pay a penny for the new roof.