Friday, December 12, 2008

My God!.....the committee in my place at zone-1-1 is getting bad to worse..

now! After almost 6 months in the committee for our apartment where i stayed, i found out so many things inside story!.....What i realise is.. the Chairman Mr. Poon we elected is a jerk! he don't care for the people here, one of the committee members asked him this question..'' on the fifth floor ...w install ventilator is because is hot..why you don't agreed ...? His answer is'' I dont care and i just don't agreed! nothing should be on top of the roof'' he answered, the committee asked again'' so if water coming in ..nobody is to go up to repair too??..! The chairman answered'' no one..i don't care''!...You know why he is so against some of the members? because he did not get goodies! He is now with the corrupted group! many of them!

I swear I'm going to review this matter to the BPR one fine day!...The management we employ to actually assist also corrupted with them, I pray God give me the ability to get all of them caught and out from our committee...2009!...God Bless Us a Good committee please, anyone out there to enlighten me in this matter? are welcome to give your sincere opinion on this issue.