Sunday, June 15, 2008

Treatment By A Chinese Master In Habu Height Cameron Orchid Farm

Back Pain- scrap, with herbal oil added next follow with a beat! by bamboo stick.... very Pain !!!oh mine.. Hubby and me control but still cant stand at last shout out... Ahhh! !! Spot that have problem will swell up like a lump or more like a little mountain...according to Lai sifu, this are win and toxin from the body, extracting out from our body -( detoxify ! )

Dry brush treatment- brush scrap- crap out toxin and win from the body , the chemical contain in food nowadays contains a lot of toxin which is hard to avoid as sometimes we eat out side, plus chemical peoples used on food, veg, rice, ext...this is what he explained to us, that is how toxin accumulated in one's body and as time past, will feel aching in certain part of the body.

Yesterday hubby and me discover a Chinese Physician Master, happen just coincidentally when we went to collect few bottle of honey we order from honey farm boss, before we move from Cameron to our next holiday destination after 4 days in Cameron. On the way driving out to the main road, I spot a beautiful orchid farm...told hubby I wish to take a look, later, on the way walking in to the orchid farm, we past by a house belongs to the orchid farm boss, there we saw a couple from K.L. purposely make a trip to seek help from this sifu ( master) Chinese sifu, his name (Mr.Lai sifu )..later after a short conversation with this lady from K.L.while her husband doing the treament, we came to know that this sifu had managed to cure quite a number of people and her husband boss too!. I took this chance to seek treatment from him as my shoulder and neck ( back) always pain..hubby decided to seek treatment too after me for his back pain too.

Going To Cook This, When Get Home, Slice Fresh Fish Meat With Ginger, Spring Onion Ginger And Wine

Hubby and me spot this nice dish in a restaurant in Tapah junction corner when we came down from Cameron Highland, I just cant believe it, is so good! the boss cook this himself..after finished makan ( eating) i asked the boss for the my surprised! he thought me how to cook this delicious dish!..AAAAAAA+

1) fIRST the fish meat marinate with white sauce and mix a little corn flour
2) Cut spring Onion to slice, slice ginger ( young ginger)
3) Heat up the wok, add a little oil
4) ADD ginger, garlic chop to fine to the wok, fry for a while and then add some water
5) Next add the marinated fish slice and slice spring onion, a little... black sauce,
6) Fry for a while
7) add four spoonful of wine on a clean plate then lift the dish from the wok to the plate ..ready to serve