Wednesday, June 24, 2009

my puppy '' Loke- Loke '' Picture Gala!

Hi!.....Welcome to my picture galery, do i look cool???


yessss!.... this pose ok..mama

mm wat you doing mama..why you snap so near...! errrmm

where is my favourite durian?

i know you love me and i love you too....

My memory lane...

The fly over bridge in front of this old old shop before is Lumba Kuda Flat( 0ld building more than 40 years in Johor Bahru) as you can see in the picture, now is transformed into fly over bridge for the usage purpose for immigration department and fly over bridge link to Singapore, I suggest to hubby to have our breakfast - beef noodle soup...i still remember those days my mother and me use to asked my little brother to ta pow beef noodle for us when we staying in Lumba Kuda Flt...time really pass by so fast that i cant imagine so many years already, now that when i went back to the old same shop to enjoy my memory lane breakfast ..still these noodle boss! no change! how sweet!..the old original taste and renovation done thing that change is their age...the boss look much older now and business very good, another thing that change ...missing our Lumba Kuda Flat grandparents and us used to stayed in this area before though we have our own house in our is history is gone with the wind.....nothing in this world last forever, only love last.