Sunday, June 8, 2008

One Thing For Sure, Either Of Us Not Around, We Sure To Miss

Zoe sit there watching me while im busy cooking, took this somtimes ago.
Just....took this...3 hours ago ( below)

Took this picture when I'm preparing some food, for a while i stop and think, i saw Zoe sit there staring and looking at me, while i was cooking, She is not hungry?, she just had her oat meal!, she just love to sit there to watch me most of the time when i cook...this feeling that she is there so good. Is a amazing to realized how much Zoe had add some memories to my life along the way , i never like puppy's before, not until Zoe came into my life. Suddenly this question came to me, what will happen to Zoe if one day I'm no more around or if Zoe is not around, how will i feel? I pray that God will allow Zoe and me to meet in heaven in the life after. ..she is part of the family and God wonderful creation's.

Wonderful Master Piece by my lovely niece April " Father's Day"

How, will you like to draw a picture for Father's Day? April my lovely niece drawn this picture ...Don't copy! OK....draw your own, have your own master piece...then is something special and feel content for that is your master piece. I believe all father's will be glad to receive something special from their children, not necessary have to buy with money sometimes...sentimental value things is not necessary have to be bought with money but with an effort from heart.