Friday, November 6, 2009

A big change of my home..

our house is on reconstruction work on 4Th, November 2009 Wednesday ~ ceiling, flooring, lightning and painting the entire house..estimate speed work but good workmanship, wonder how much going to cost. I wont forget this experience in my life, cos I'm really dead tired! fortunately and thanks God i have all the people around that is good people to help me up things like shifting all my house stuff to my neighbour house as their house also happen to be empty after the last tenant shifted to K.L. really THANKS GOD just the right time they shifted away or else i don't think i will be renovating my house way cos place to keep my furniture and all other stuffs!and dont expect to shft my stuff to somewhere far. Somehow i felt that all this has already been destined somehow maybe. I paid RM120 to rent for a week for the reconstruction work, ..for my little home, hope it will give our home a change in taste and more comfortable. Well, all of us sacrifice ourselves during this time..example...bear with the dirt around, the noise, the inconvenience..a lot more, anyway that is life right ? nothing come without sacrifices..really.