Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Thanks God for this man- Pastor Dr. Charles Stanley

In Touch International reached out to the whole world is a wonderful online website that i love so much because in it there's so many wonderful message be it from pod cast radio OR Video in multiple language selection from his each sermon. Truly can change your life if one implement all the knowledge and wisdom from Dr. Charles Stanley sharing of God words and wisdom. If you happen to drop by my blog this website is a tremendous site i wish to share with you. I pray that one day to come that i can truly invest my time in doing God's will for me to reach out to the needs of human soul. God Bless everyone with Almighty God-HIS unconditional love and abundances of life.

Love, Peace and Joy The most powerful is LOVE!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hill climbing truly so satifying and fulfilling

I realised this hobby truly suit's me so well, after the first climb around 5 years(500ft only) back this is my second time.Hushhhh, no jokes after so long this my second attempt. Least did i expect my little girl Zoe could did it so very well than me, except some accident happen along the way! her leg injured due to my negligence.

WE make IT!!! 1500ft! UP HILL on the 5th of June 2014. Not easy at all, I am so proud of my little Zoe girl and me hahaha...

                      My little girl leg injured..emmm, because i accidentally step on it! so pain my heart :(
                     Thanks God, is just a little minor skin bleeding, healed the next day!

. As for me big sweat out till my hair all wet also my entire body sweat all. Good for me to lost some weight.

 This two gentlemen are the committee leaders for this hill, very helpful and  friendly!  They are making some drink -green tea, so healthy. cooked the natural spring water from the mountain  with wood!

                   This is the superb natural spring pool created and built by the committees! next round if i go again i Will swim here! this trip not ready as i did not have extra clothes :)

              Looked like ancient Chinese  resting place! we always watch in a show..i like it.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Have stop blogging for a while due to not much to share anyway but here is..

something came into my mind today. That is i decided to change, change my mind set of course, in order to make money_to me personally first you must have a rich mind set! and wisdom. I gained quite a lot of knowledge from my blog i follow. This one Stock Market - Experience Sharing blog, i really like. S.K.Tang blog, genuine and generous in his financial wisdom sharing_ on his finance blog he wrote a lot of his experience over the years_so clear and make it so simple for us to understand. I don't know him in person but i truly appreciate his blog which allowed me to learn and open my mind set about investment world. I hope i can be like him having lots of golden eggs in years to come and not forget have the capability to be calm and patient in whatever siy=tuation. Well, from now i am going to invest mainly for long term prospective, so give three years to my investment journey and see how it leads me.God, bless my journey in Jesus Mighty Name, amen.