Friday, May 30, 2008

Nutri for my face

Time to pamper my face before going to bed, my hubby snap this picture for me to nice of him to also make for me tumeric juice tonight.."thanks hubby".
Most important to me to pamper myself is to be greatful for HIS ( God) creation on me..reading the Holy Bible is so nourishing to my soul, a mask is just for external only.

Nice beach and relaxing..Desaru in Johor Bahru

Big ostriches farm in Sungai Rengit near Desaru, they sell ostrich satay and ostrich egg with drawing on it. The boss is a very nice man, very friendly and helpful...ex-pilot..for SIA.

hubby like to go for a swim and barbeque's in Desaru, nice place. ..Zoe will play with hubby ....while i enjoy my barbecue .

kid's will start drooling to see this on the table

My sister make this ..made of cookies , mix of chocolate, sweets, jelly beans and icing sugar
for her 2 beautiful -prince and princes...during Christmas.Nice? I like to look at it , how sweet and with so much love.

Reserved a little space for myself to do things i love so is my Zoe

I was busy cleaning today, suddenly i wonder where my little Zoe gone? how come no site of her? ohhh so she is rolling and having a good time in her little corner.

So long did not cook red beans soup, taste this...

For quite sometime since the last i have this red beans soup, best to add a little pieces of dry mandarin skin! really taste fantastic, nice to cook in slow fire for 2-3 hours..uhhh! taste so good.