Friday, March 19, 2010

Just got my LCD SONY BRAVIA BX400 '' 40'' and home theatre

Zoe ( Smiling) latest pic update, she grown up a lot...ya?

Loke-loke sleepy face.....

Just got my LCD T.V. bx400 Sony Bravia..'' 40 ''
unfortunately the antenna is not fix yet..using indoor receiver, not really clear:(

Home Theatre....Sony for my private time enjoyment... long did not blog, busy a little, miss all of you that used to read my here update a little of my well the changes in my home....
Seems everything have change in my home lately, after the renovation, my Hf went hay wre!!! so got myself a home theatre this time and TV LCD!!! :-) , anyway life is to enjoy to the fullest ,
especially inside the home...yesssss