Monday, May 26, 2008

Dream of this..last night-yummy

I dream of eating one of my faourite food last night with sedap!( so good), must be over craving after no solid food for few day's uhm?
After 4 day's of detox on my body is time to pamper a little, i really dream of this last night, so this is what I'm going to have for today, fulfilling my dream of my favourite but remember " NO RICE OK "ok big deal! Sambal Belacan no rice where got nice!? uhm!!! no choice ....perseverence!!!

1) country yellow Chicken - cut to pieces- PEEL OFF THE SKIN!-if you dont want to gain weight

2)Marinate> a little organic salt, kikoman soy sauce,( lemon grass blend to fine together with 4 small onion, 2 garlic and a slice of ginger)
3) baked the well marinate chicken for 25-30 min - medium heat
3) little green brinjal 3- eat raw- dip with sambal- very crunch and sweet

4) young tapioca leaf - boil with water for 7 minutes- rinse dry with hand press..

Sambal BelacanTerasi Indonesia style:

1) 1 big tomato

2) 20 small cili padi

3) 4 small onions

4) Belacan

all 4 put into oven bake for 10 minutes medium heat will do.. take out .blend or tumbuk if you wish..~

Good! Spicy !!! NICEEE!!!