Sunday, August 24, 2008

Corruption is getting obvious and scarry

Sorry I'm back, again I'm so tight up fighting with those sharks in my committee! is getting terrible even the chairman which supposed to be fair is retreating now and their corruption member is getting more and more bold! they stop payment to the honest contractor even the agreement stated to pay him, the check requires 3 person to sign , me is one but 2 more need to sign to issue payment but the 2 is bribe by the sharks, so now this poor uncle cant get his payment. Worse yesterday in the meeting the corrupt member vote fr the corrupted contractor again even the last meeting i managed to caught the corrupt contractor evidence for cheating! is so unfair ! yet more and more members now seems to me have been corrupt including the chairman OR NOT yet to find out, how? I think all i can do is to leave and report the matter to BPR ( Anti - Corruption ) to handle. Please pray for me friends... that the bad guys will fail in their plan , ok.