Wednesday, September 28, 2011

a good actress and a fantastic manipulator!!!

in my office i have witness with my own pair of eye, 3 ungrateful person right infront of my eye! 2 clerk and 1 manager. Is already 12.41 am now yet i still havent go to bed, maybe soon after this...

Im a very simple person and rather too compassionate some times, forget about the 30 years old manager but lets talk the present incident, i realised that the youngter's now is very diffrent, or maybe what appear me this generation their mentality are very very  selfish/very ungrateful and not truthful but a fantastic drama actress and actor hahaha :D just what i hv seen, i hope i would not forget it is,ok we have a chinese clerk in the office just turn 23 years old last month, the first day she came to work with us a year ago, she was  so innocent and ignorant looking type always complain to me all the colleaque bully her that and this.. a year ago...after a year she review her true color infront of me to my Chairman, she yell in a very rude and shrewed manner not forget cunninggg too!
I cant imagine... she actually came to my house early in the morning instead of going to the office as she is the only person we put her incharge of collection & account ~ important role , i truely give her a lot of opportunity to grow in our place and a very good salary too. At the end of the day she was bought over by corrupt money from the contractor to treaten me to ither take the project offer from this company or she leave now ! ...what a treaten??? hahaha i wish her goodbye, honestly i even to this extend forgive her thinking she might regret what she did but no ! her color fly all over the office when she need to wait for her salary on the 7th this month, after that she just missing...we decide to sue her in the labor office and she also took some of our things, so the Chairman lodge a police report.
Just cant judge a book by it's age and look.... this time i truly learn something, since this is the 3rd person i see in the office trying to cheat money and most of them decent look, soft spoken & young child voice not forget 22 yrs of age only..well well  good night :)P