Tuesday, October 30, 2012


As in life I  treasured every moment we have, like the good health that we have, the wonderful home we owned whether is a rented or bought apartment,  house is all for us to used which protected us from rain, wind,sun and most is our privacy from the outside world and people, but did you notice this home that we called is taken for granted most of the time? most of us did not take some time to reflect back how lucky we are to have a place to be called home that gave us all that, did you take some time to notice the wall, window, the room which decorated with so much comfort to suit us and the internal furnish? try this...i bet you will find for the first time in your life a special kind of gratitude in life. I appreciated the gift from God to me like good friends, sister, brothers and love one, well not forget the Peace, love and Joy.With all these i did not forget we also need a tool called money or wealth in order to have a good life..
I have read a lot of finance blogs, all are basically explained some very basic info about the finance world and ext...this blog by the name '' Stock Market Experience sharing'' have truely help me and enrich my knowledge  not only about share market but a lot a lot more wealth buiding wisdom, I really salute and give this blogger a straight A,   S.k. Tang, he is very open and genuine in his sharing of knowledge in building wealth and also his strategies, many thanks to him and i respected him a lot, thus I wish what he contributed to his readers...  make it so simple in words for us to understand, all from his wisdom of building wealth and I wish may in return he receive even more in what he have contributed, God bless him abundantly.