Sunday, June 29, 2008

Spend Our Weekend Dinner At Home, Chef Cook Is Hubby!

This Morning as usual hubby and me will attend our church service, after that we went to have something light for lunch outside. The cafe where we went to eat seems to be crowded before, but now is so quiet! , business seems so slow..inflation affected food business and a lot others. Hubby and me later went to the market to get some groceries for tonight and he want to be the chef cook for tonight, but again he want me to give instruction on his side....might as well I cook right...but he don't want...ok lol..
Time to save and be tactful with whatever we want to spend, the dinner we have tonight is so nice and wonderful, hubby enjoy so much staying at home so just nice for him since he is quite a homely type if he is not working.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Blue Bag

This morning when i start to take out some stuff from this blue bag Zoe jump on top! she must be thinking I'm going for a holiday again! She is really smart ! this bag is for her to sit inside when we travel or checking in as our hand will be busy carrying other luggage's. So she must have mark this Blue Bag in as her travel sign! loll.

Monday, June 23, 2008

My Cousin Sister's Romantic Wedding On Saturday, destiny brings two person culture together

Few pictures of my cousin sister and her hubby a American, cousin from my father side, my third uncle daughter. They are Singaporean, as a lot of my relative from my father side stayed in Singapore, my cousin is a teacher in Shanghai for few years that is how she and her husband get to know each other, now they are having their most important time of their life to begin, wish them all the best!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Snatch Theft Is A Serious Case Now In Malaysia

As the snatch theft in Malaysia is getting serious nowadays, our head police officer from Selangor previously transfer to J.B. now and is here to give us his speech and co-operation of the public of how to hunt all the bad guys down. Do you think this is useful? I don't think so, but does help a little maybe since the new police station in Permas area is so close to my house, as he promised to the residents here that he make sure the police in Permas Police Branch will give us a faster attention if anything arise plus more police petrol car will round the place...good gathering and learn something here as I need to attend this meeting as a representative for my committee in where I resided . After that we are served with free lunch buffet.. However, for my personal opinion on this matter, if the government can allow a more severe punishment to those who commit this kind of crime, i think will definitely makes a different, the punishment is too too light!

Johor Noodle Soup Taste Best!

My friend and I went to have our favourite noodle soup today, she prefer the dry one that come a long with a bowl of fish ball soup. Also the lime sour plum juice...really wake you up! so tasty!
Johor Bahru noodle soup really taste best! dry or soup , taste mm um very good. If ever come to Johor Bahru come to Permas Jaya, just ask the people here where are the best Teo Chew noodle soup they will tell you, bet you wont regret..because Teo Chew Chinese very good in cooking noodle soup and J.B. have a lot of Teo Chew people here, so no problem hunting a delicious noodle soup here at all.

Have You Seen A Toy Poodle Eating Durian? My Little Zoe Love Durians!

Little Zoe is so addicted to durians! she is so happy jumping around whenever we bought durians home, crazy of durians ..worse than me!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Coin's That I Have Kept For Many Years With Me






A few wonderful coins that I have kept with me all these years, past down to me from my parent's and served a great sentimental value to me whenever I look at it. There are picture of respectable men of Malaysia on it, very honoured to owned them from my parent's.Just like to share with my blog readers, happy viewing!


Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Processed Of Tea

Snap all the pictures during my visit to the Tea factory on my recent vacation.

All the above pictures, are the latest skill's used to processed tea leaf now

The Picture Above- Tea is used to processed by this machine during the olden days.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Here Come's Our First Home Cook Dinner After A Week Eating Outside!

Tomato Soup With Chicken Breast, Big Onions And Red Dates ( Before And After Cook For Several Hours)

Organic Brinjal ( Before And After cook) Below

Crispy Out Side..So Juicy Under The Skin..And So Smooth Inside ( Organic Country Chicken

Just Came Back Home Last Night From Our Holiday

Chocolate Mint With Fresh Icy Cool Ice Cream For Little Zoe Since The Weather Is So Hot! In K.L.

Well so fast is already a week, just came home last night and have my bed back ! i love to travel very much and we met a couple a long the way during our holiday this time, they took 6 months holiday away from their work!, i certainly agreed to them when they said life is unpredictable and they work so hard, so fair enough for them to enjoy life since if they can afford to, ya...maybe i will do the same one day if we can afford to have a maybe 2 months holiday...? i think enough for me not 6 months, that will be too long for me..but one thing for sure i will miss is my own bed! can stay in beautiful hotel's but nothing compares to my own for sure. So many things to pack and bought quite a lot of stuff, though is time to save up some extra cash but is OK for us since we don't spend unnecessarily back here. Planning to cook some nice dish for my hubby tonight since we have been eating outside for the whole week during our holiday..uh mm what to cook for dinner???..OK ..Tomato soup ( with chicken breast) since i have bought quite a lot of tomato from Cameron the other day, the tomato still in good condition luckily ...and marinated organic salty chicken drumstick with pepper..! better hurry to the market nearby before they close! Will post picture of my cooking later.....

Monday, June 16, 2008

My Neck Pain Gone!

This morning when I wake up, my neck no more aching and could turn freely. Body felt so much lighter ....could this due to the Chinese sifu treatment? He did told me that all the pain that I encounter during the treatment will be worth while. I start to believe now! Same to hubby too, he felt his back pain is gone! ...will visit him again if we do go to Cameron next time.Lai sifu, don't specific any charges per treatment , he asked us to give free will from heart. All my vein now feel refresh! Fortunate to met him. Can see from the picture that my shoulder have less dark red clot then hubby meaning less toxin, this is because I'm very careful with my food intake and eat less out side now, the caused of the pain and stiffness on my shoulder, back and neck could be from an accident that took place 10 years ago , lack of exercises and put on quite a lot of weight too!.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Treatment By A Chinese Master In Habu Height Cameron Orchid Farm

Back Pain- scrap, with herbal oil added next follow with a beat! by bamboo stick.... very Pain !!!oh mine.. Hubby and me control but still cant stand at last shout out... Ahhh! !! Spot that have problem will swell up like a lump or more like a little mountain...according to Lai sifu, this are win and toxin from the body, extracting out from our body -( detoxify ! )

Dry brush treatment- brush scrap- crap out toxin and win from the body , the chemical contain in food nowadays contains a lot of toxin which is hard to avoid as sometimes we eat out side, plus chemical peoples used on food, veg, rice, ext...this is what he explained to us, that is how toxin accumulated in one's body and as time past, will feel aching in certain part of the body.

Yesterday hubby and me discover a Chinese Physician Master, happen just coincidentally when we went to collect few bottle of honey we order from honey farm boss, before we move from Cameron to our next holiday destination after 4 days in Cameron. On the way driving out to the main road, I spot a beautiful orchid farm...told hubby I wish to take a look, later, on the way walking in to the orchid farm, we past by a house belongs to the orchid farm boss, there we saw a couple from K.L. purposely make a trip to seek help from this sifu ( master) Chinese sifu, his name (Mr.Lai sifu )..later after a short conversation with this lady from K.L.while her husband doing the treament, we came to know that this sifu had managed to cure quite a number of people and her husband boss too!. I took this chance to seek treatment from him as my shoulder and neck ( back) always pain..hubby decided to seek treatment too after me for his back pain too.

Going To Cook This, When Get Home, Slice Fresh Fish Meat With Ginger, Spring Onion Ginger And Wine

Hubby and me spot this nice dish in a restaurant in Tapah junction corner when we came down from Cameron Highland, I just cant believe it, is so good! the boss cook this himself..after finished makan ( eating) i asked the boss for the my surprised! he thought me how to cook this delicious dish!..AAAAAAA+

1) fIRST the fish meat marinate with white sauce and mix a little corn flour
2) Cut spring Onion to slice, slice ginger ( young ginger)
3) Heat up the wok, add a little oil
4) ADD ginger, garlic chop to fine to the wok, fry for a while and then add some water
5) Next add the marinated fish slice and slice spring onion, a little... black sauce,
6) Fry for a while
7) add four spoonful of wine on a clean plate then lift the dish from the wok to the plate ..ready to serve

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Spot Delicious Dish, Along The way

While driving to our holiday destination yesterday, we stop at K.L. to have our lunch, we spot this place, an old shop ( kopi tiam) specialize in fish head - Sung Yu Fish Head! cook with special sauce Mnnnnn! taste Goood!!! we have to wait to get our turn to many people, the business is so good...full house.Sorry cant give the full address as we are not familiar with this area..??? is somewhere Pudu.Look at the picture above...fully book restaurant!

This is another lucky discovery! ROJAK! we spot a long the way, as hubby and me like to eat rojak so we stop and get this ...also fantastic sauce..good! ummm very nice day..nice lunch and good salad after lunch !!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Holiday Trip Tomorrow

Going for a holiday tomorrow with hubby and also Zoe this time! , to several places...will up date interesting event or places if spot any. So meanwhile i think my diet regime have to put aside first, no point to go on diet during holiday right? no fun. So will enjoy my favourite food and places as well, to the fullest possible, may God bless our journey tomorrow, a pleasant and safe journey since we will be driving this time.

Petro Rise Again In US Today!

The first thing i heard when on the Chanel news Asia is US oil price shoot up to 137 US! a barrel. Oh is the price of everything around. I better pray hard for the poor, i wonder how they going to cope? Hope Malaysia government control the price of the goods from taking advantage at this kind of time...and whatever going to take place we cant predict but start now try to save and invest a little..but must invest wise, wise, wise and smart OK. With the inflation hitting us so badly..the FD OR whatever savings interest are far beyond possible to cover the rate of inflation that flying high!.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

One Thing For Sure, Either Of Us Not Around, We Sure To Miss

Zoe sit there watching me while im busy cooking, took this somtimes ago.
Just....took this...3 hours ago ( below)

Took this picture when I'm preparing some food, for a while i stop and think, i saw Zoe sit there staring and looking at me, while i was cooking, She is not hungry?, she just had her oat meal!, she just love to sit there to watch me most of the time when i cook...this feeling that she is there so good. Is a amazing to realized how much Zoe had add some memories to my life along the way , i never like puppy's before, not until Zoe came into my life. Suddenly this question came to me, what will happen to Zoe if one day I'm no more around or if Zoe is not around, how will i feel? I pray that God will allow Zoe and me to meet in heaven in the life after. ..she is part of the family and God wonderful creation's.

Wonderful Master Piece by my lovely niece April " Father's Day"

How, will you like to draw a picture for Father's Day? April my lovely niece drawn this picture ...Don't copy! OK....draw your own, have your own master piece...then is something special and feel content for that is your master piece. I believe all father's will be glad to receive something special from their children, not necessary have to buy with money sometimes...sentimental value things is not necessary have to be bought with money but with an effort from heart.