Sunday, October 19, 2008

Trip to Penang today.....after 15 years my last visit...

Going into Penang- Penang Bridge

in the buttrefly farm/ gallery and a lot more ! Discovery here beside's butterfly../ insects/ fish/..a lot more- worth the money for the entrance ticket

Well, after a long time I've not been to Penang, indeed a big tremendous change in this place! Seems a lot of condominiums all over the place now and is more fun! I like this place very much, clean in the city ..and a lot of trees. Hubby and me ..we went to few places one of it is really worth visiting is the butterfly farm..very nice indeed! Ferringi have nice beaches..and I'm so lucky to have check into a very wonderful Ferringi, Hydro Majestic Hotel! is only RM 180 nett inclusive of breakfast..the breakfast really fantastic and a lot of is really clean! and nice view facing the sea, the people in this hotel is so helpful and friendly.will come back here again definitely, where else in Georgetown is again a total different experience in Bayview City hotel, an Indian lady the reception is very rude and not friendly and the room also not that comfortable.But over all though is a little tired but we do enjoy this trip very much ...the only thing not happy is that hubby Singapore boss asked him to get back to work as fast as possible..cause hubby is a leader in the team ...God Bless hubby in his work.I will go to Penang again!!!