Saturday, May 31, 2008

Chen "cook with love" Hakka gourmet!

SESAME CHICKEN ( Chinese Style)

Yellow Chicken
small onions
sesame oil
sauce( white sauce & black sauce)

a little bit of salt

Saturday, i cook some nice food, the happiest person will be my hubby. He came back just 30 minutes ago...before he even change his clothes he steal the sesame chicken, with his finger - to his mouth of course! Uhm...good! "he said". ..why he cant wait ? too hungry or my cooking smells too good ? What do you think?

after boilt for 3 hours! like picture below......



potatoes/green apple/Chinese berry/red carrot/yuk chuk-Chinese herbs/chicken breast-remove skin.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Nutri for my face

Time to pamper my face before going to bed, my hubby snap this picture for me to nice of him to also make for me tumeric juice tonight.."thanks hubby".
Most important to me to pamper myself is to be greatful for HIS ( God) creation on me..reading the Holy Bible is so nourishing to my soul, a mask is just for external only.

Nice beach and relaxing..Desaru in Johor Bahru

Big ostriches farm in Sungai Rengit near Desaru, they sell ostrich satay and ostrich egg with drawing on it. The boss is a very nice man, very friendly and helpful...ex-pilot..for SIA.

hubby like to go for a swim and barbeque's in Desaru, nice place. ..Zoe will play with hubby ....while i enjoy my barbecue .

kid's will start drooling to see this on the table

My sister make this ..made of cookies , mix of chocolate, sweets, jelly beans and icing sugar
for her 2 beautiful -prince and princes...during Christmas.Nice? I like to look at it , how sweet and with so much love.

Reserved a little space for myself to do things i love so is my Zoe

I was busy cleaning today, suddenly i wonder where my little Zoe gone? how come no site of her? ohhh so she is rolling and having a good time in her little corner.

So long did not cook red beans soup, taste this...

For quite sometime since the last i have this red beans soup, best to add a little pieces of dry mandarin skin! really taste fantastic, nice to cook in slow fire for 2-3 hours..uhhh! taste so good.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

coffin boss! told me....eerrie..truth! but is the truth

Today me and 3rd brother went to the government department to get a death cert done for my (2ND brother death...some time ago) . While waiting for the things done , you know government department take quite long to do their works sometime right, so while waiting i met a lady coffin boss set beside me, we start to chit chat i find out this from her! the latest method for prolonging death bodies is SUCK out all the blood of the death first from a big eerie needle dig dig dig she said!, she said better don't look- you get scared if you do see how they done it! then only inject with chemical again to the body! oh...though i know that when we die, we don't feel anything but i wont want this if i die...follow up she let me know the best is DRY COLD ice for THE DEATH ...but can only stand for 2 days, is fine 2 day's more than enough...if for my death one day to come...simple is the best.Have to face this facts, everyone of us have to come to this day right?

Another info from her is - if one die before 50 years old, withought sickness report from a doctor, sudden death the law now must let the hospital to operate the body and head to certify the reason of a must now she told me! really meh? horrible...errrr ....enjoy life to the fullest while we still much alive!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Dream of this..last night-yummy

I dream of eating one of my faourite food last night with sedap!( so good), must be over craving after no solid food for few day's uhm?
After 4 day's of detox on my body is time to pamper a little, i really dream of this last night, so this is what I'm going to have for today, fulfilling my dream of my favourite but remember " NO RICE OK "ok big deal! Sambal Belacan no rice where got nice!? uhm!!! no choice ....perseverence!!!

1) country yellow Chicken - cut to pieces- PEEL OFF THE SKIN!-if you dont want to gain weight

2)Marinate> a little organic salt, kikoman soy sauce,( lemon grass blend to fine together with 4 small onion, 2 garlic and a slice of ginger)
3) baked the well marinate chicken for 25-30 min - medium heat
3) little green brinjal 3- eat raw- dip with sambal- very crunch and sweet

4) young tapioca leaf - boil with water for 7 minutes- rinse dry with hand press..

Sambal BelacanTerasi Indonesia style:

1) 1 big tomato

2) 20 small cili padi

3) 4 small onions

4) Belacan

all 4 put into oven bake for 10 minutes medium heat will do.. take out .blend or tumbuk if you wish..~

Good! Spicy !!! NICEEE!!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sleep so well last night

After 2 day's of bad insomnia finally i have goood sleep last night..woke up this morning feeling so Freshhh! have a home made breakfast, as usual i prefer to have home made- unless no choice too busy then ...Thanks God that i finally have a good rest for 10 hours of sleep!

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Last night i have insomnia problem again sleep around 2 hours only, but this time is different i did the most careless thing i ever thought can happen to me! i leave my house key at the letter box! when i open to check if any letter for me or not, took out the letter and just walk off- my whole bunch of house key still intact at the letter box! i cant believed this can happen to me...until now.Maybe you will say..huah! this woman so careless one ah? I tell you ..i got a shock myself of my carelessness's, not enough sleep can caused so many problem. when I came back my house key is inside my letter box!- thanks to that person who put it inside for me, i rush to my house to check anything lost or not, everything is ok....truly thanks God.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Caetooning Drawing from April Mei Seymour my, dear niece, Zoe my little puppy !!!

Wow , I just cant imagine how April can draw Zoe so well, I just cant believe my own eye when I received it this morning! when my 3rd sister email to me.Is exactly like Zoe! , she done a good job!!... my niece, I'm so proud of her talent in art! AAA ! millions thanks and love to you April. .!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Living Too Short; Dying Too Long

As i have always remind myself, live each moment as it come and live each day as it were my last...when will i die 40 years, 20,10,5 or today? It might be.. In reality, not one of us know how long we will live.Hubby and me drove to K.L. 3 months ago, on the way he remember the news he read about an accident that happened along the high- way 2 weeks ago, he stop exactly at the spot where the accident happen, we went down together just to take a look ...just wondering how it happen? that is what triggers in his mind, but on my side i start asking myself did this person who died in the accident tell his family how much he loved them? Did he love and live well? Maybe one thing is certain is that he still had things in his ''in basket'' that weren't yet done.Sadly, is easier to said than done , however, we act as if we're going to live for a long long time.We seems to postpone the things that, deep down, we know we want to do-i mention this not as a prescription to abandon our responsibilities, but to remind our self constantly how precious life really is...cherish the time while we still have it. Love and treasure every moment for life is so unpredictable, i wish you well.

* * * * * with love * * * * *

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Do you ever thought of having more stuff as your income get's better?

As we are living in a material world is natural to have desire to own more stuff as our financial capability improved over time. ..and I would said is a natural thing for all human, but before we do take this step to increase our stuff in whatever forms- car, house or other stuff...have we ever stop and think...? If we keep increasing our standard of living we will have to keep our life busier and busier or faster speed to earn more money, I don't mean that we shouldn't have nice things , but for me when we reach certain stage in our life we may want to have a more relaxing life instead of be ''a servant to yr servant''.

Material things don't necessary make us happy, happiness comes from within, by the way you relate to what you have, not from your actual possessions. To live at or beneath our means, we will discover a different type of abundance in our life-Peace. We will be able to stay calm and relax. I believe this is among the greatest gifts in a lifetime.

A Thousand Miles Start With A Single Step

Today is a very special day to me because i have always wanted to lose some weight...but just couldn't make it , lack of determination always...but today i vow to myself I will do it and I will achieve! whatever weight I want to lose, I know is not simple ..requires a lot of determination and always must stay focus on my vision.

Nothing is impossible! is all inside our mind and heart, is a choice. My main concerned is my health because as we age and if we put on weight gradually without us notice... this will lead to many unwanted health problem, is true.

I know a lady in Cameron Highland, she sells noodle in a coffee shop. She is so pretty to me but
she is so fat- 90 kg that is what she told me and age 35. After 5 months hubby and me went to Cameron again, we went to her shop for breakfast I almost could not recognize her, she is so slim now -56 kg! with her height that is perfect! She look younger and more prettier as she is already pretty actually. According to my survey she stop salties food, no sugar and oily stuff.. cut off only fruit , veg and lean meat...ya no rice too! for 4 months!....IS WORTH IT! VERY WORTH IT! she looks so good and feel so much lighter!

This lady truly inspires me a lot!

if she can do it, why cant i?


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Seek For Treatment for the past few days.. neck and back pain!

On Saturday to Monday my back nerve and neck hurts ! sleeping position and also maybe other causes.....i went for a massage by an Indonesian woman for 2 and half hour! came back take a good rest but the pain still there..uhm..and even worse!!!!!

A friend of mine later recommended me to a Chinese physician in Desa Jaya, J.B. I went together with my husband since he is not working , this chinese doctor twist my neck and follow with a cruckkk sound on my back...woooh! loose up some of my joints..follow with 2 kind of Chinese medicine in tablet form for 3 days consumption not even 3 days just the second day my neck and back have stop aching ..if anytime do hunt me again ...?? keep my finger cross, I will go for acupuncture! !! Happy I'm better now...whatever pain this too shall don't worry just go for treatment :-)

Have you discover your child talents?

Have you take an effort to discover your child talents? You will be amaze at how good they may be in certain skills and is a wonderful thing if you can share their creativeness along the way!This picture is drawn by my niece, creative ideas and very talented in her art as we can see picture below - by April Seymour from Ca. U.S.A. my sweet niece!11 years of age. She have recently join an art contest...title: Save The Ocean, she did it so well but i cant show the picture here as the picture specially drawn for the contest, whether April will win in the contest ? Well, will wait and see...??? but as she had done her best, in the spirit of art she already won for herself!a big prize!!! in ART. Here is one of my niece drawing-

Artist: April

Art name: Salga The Blue Tiger

Friday, May 16, 2008

what is best for a hot weather right now...just for sharing

Is so hottt! outside...the weather is killing... Try this wont yr home or office , when the weather is so hot!Simple and fast.A glass of Pure honey with ice! ice! feel the soothing feeling going down your throat.....really cool......soothing!

Next is the SOUP! for hot weather!?... may like to try this...


5 White radish or carrot with leaf ..

country chicken- half..

.red dates-10

and chinese berry( kei chi) ..a little

1) chicken skin must be remove, cut to medium size ( pieces)

2) white radish with leaf - clean the entire radishPut it all into a soup pot add red dates and Chinese berry

fill enough water-

good for our liver as well the kidney- cleansing effect and


cook for 4 hours- 15 minutes high fire and thereafter slow fire all way till you can see the soup turn golden ...add a little salt and kikoman soya sauce to taste-
the soup is now perfect!
Nice or not? try will know the answer!cool our body* hubby get to enjoy this soup tonight for :- )dinner*

************************************* just share with love******************************

Do you have any collections? any kind of your favourite collections will give you that good feeling of achievement in some point...after some time

As one of my hobby is hand bag's collection, ...any of our collections i would said... served some personal memories... my favorite collection from Cartier - bought this in 1997! 11 YEARS... the leather is in optimum condition- dark navy blue- tiny precious stone of blue sapphire on the opening -wonderful workmanship-of Must De Cartier ! is it lovely? i just love it so my collections i never like bag's that Stick their designer name outside the bag...ehhh! I pay for the QUALITY of the workmanship not the name only!... agree with me?

See my date of purchased 11 years! my favourite one*



Thursday, May 15, 2008

Express card usb adapter 3.5G / 7.2Mbps Ready

Just bought my Option Luxury usb adapter-HSDPA & WCDMA- Worldwide Roaming! really good... happy ...choose the right one! if i were to hear what all those sales men tried so hard to promote... their company pruduct...H...from china,I certainly will regret! why? the adapter is so rough! i told my friend it will look like a dog chain hook on my laptop!..oh mine....HEHEHE

Simple and real good! ...most important the price is REASONABLE AND NOT LUXURY! !! hahaha

***************************choose wisely*****************************************

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dedicated to all lovely wife's and wonderful husband out there ...if you do cook , cook with love....the taste will be goOD!

As one of my hobby is cooking, I realised that when you cook with love...served out the unconditional love, you don't expect anything in return...just happy to see yr love one eating the food you so satisfying! That way you wont be disappointed if yr hard work is not valued...remember. ..the golden rules..

1 ( Mix rich antioxidant veg soup)
Still boiling!

Here are few dishes i cook today...HOT spicy! Raining day...spicy is good...I love hot chili!

Sambal Fish!
Ladies Finger fry with garlic!
I took this picture while frying
the golden brown! so scared the oil might just fly to my precious face! you know.
. .!!??

My niece... little voice of a child..

yummy! Hi........

She is so lovely............but her voice is so soft, i have to bend down to hear what she is talking.... Yue Mei have a weak heart....but she is healthy overall...but I somehow sympathy her growing up environment. I have a great time with her today, having our lunch...she enjoy all the food i order today. Her little voice touch my heart....

Monday, May 12, 2008

A trip to Bali Island of Indonesia

feeling great to look at the sun rising up...... life ! 5.30 am morning- were on the speed boat, on the way out to look for dolphin !

Hubby and me decided to travel to Bali to celebrate our 1 st Anniversary last year on June 11..A day we make a marriage vow together with God blessings after we know each other for 4 years*. Far seems the journey but short is the day, hubby and me enjoy our trip a lot!.We been to Bali before that was on our honeymoon but we join a tour package for 4 days 3 nights, we did not really have enough time to really see and feel the essence and exotic island of Bali, so for the second trip we went there on our own!!!..we stayed for 9 days! in the island! real exotic ! this time we really taste the essence of the Bali Island. Sharing 2 life in one .. to both of us means a lot though time seems short for a year but we been through a lot...a lot..only God knows... in a marriage is the beginning of a complete new journey, journey that requires both effort to accomplish, to embrace understanding, to sacrifice, to forgive and most of all to Love! Hubby is the one that suggest a holiday trip for our marriage anniversary , I sincerely appreciate his love and thoughtfulness.Thanks God for everything...This year he suggested too.....still planning where..? but I told him i prefer to travel on end of this year , but we will travel to some beautiful places in Malaysia for celebrating our anniversary's on next month, at least this time our little Zoe girl can come along!I don't have to miss her anymore like i did last year !!!!...

hubby and me picture taken in LOVINA BALI

Things to beware in Bali!

- make sure to read the insurance policy carefully when you rent a jeep or any vehicle in Bali,we payed the insurance separately excluded the cost for rental...the policy written ..cover insurance for the vehicle engine only!!! tiny letters, Bali is a wonderful place with a lot of hikes and bums when driving around ...nice scenery indeed...but be careful when you drive, or else you your pocket going to have a big hole...!

Things that i enjoy!

-The unique architecture of the building structure , the beautiful scenery in the island, the massage and the local food! i miss the fried kampung chicken& sambal terasi! yum my....!!!hubby and me used hand to eat just like one of them, the Balinese! hehehe! in Balinese restaurant only ...not every where lah.
Places we went:
Kuta, Denpasar,Jembaran, nusa dua, Bedugul, Seminyak, Tanah Lot, Lovina and a place famous for their art- forgot the name already uhm..the hotel's there sooo beautiful! up north! can get reasonable prize at up north too . For good shopping kuta is the right place in Bali.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Today Is Mother'S Day......"being a mother but her home is in an old folk's home !"

Today is mother's day ... a day where all mother should be given the best reward of compliments AND APPRECIATION for their hardship and love they have devoted for their children as a mother and most of all.. to be grateful in all aspect from the day when one in their mother's womb to the day we are born and till who we are today... .countless effort...countless love...and time..
< URL add ...Madam Pang in the Star news.


What makes me felt sad today is not because mother is not around with us ..cos I know MY MOM is at... a better and peaceful place with God..through the grace of God, but is someone i know, a lady i know for a long long time... ..... ago!
she is a who?.....her daughter, daughter that she deeply loved so much which is not in Malaysia but in overseas...US...her daughter leave her mom just because of an argument as i know from her....from that day her daughter did not contact her still have to carry on for Madam Pang though she miss her daughter so much everyday of her life, till she finally finish all her savings....and she have to stayed in an old folk home in the end....what make me sad is..when the reporter from STAR Malaysia went to interview her few days ago at the old folk home ...her biggest wish and only wish, is to have a chance to see her daughter Rosalind !.. her picture and wish publish in the STAR Malaysia page 23 on Saturday 10th, May, 2008 !understand that i shouldn't review the daughter actual name on the blog as i know she want to protect her daughter ...but I pray ...and hope that my blog can do a miracle wish for Madam Pang......if you happen to read my blog...or happen to spot this page, dear! ...''YOUR MOTHER MISS YOU A LOT FROM THE DAY YOU LEAVE UNTIL TODAY ...10 YEARS!'' Hope every mother is happy today cos no matter what or have done a great job! for willing to be a mother....Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers! & hope that prayer will able to answer for this long waited ..wish... of Madam Pang to come true....

****************************************....with love...*********************