Saturday, August 8, 2009

AMANAH SAHAM 1MALAYSIA....Come at the right time!

recently alot of news have create a lot of unnecessary or should i say propaganda rumours to make the people /public confused. Even the banker is telling me that is not a money guarantee fund ....when i went to the bank, i asked them to gave me the master prospectus of AS 1M...they told me is not their right to give me a copy ..but they keep telling everyone not to invest in AS 1M, one of the clerk there secretly told me that somehow with the recent PNB launch of various fund for the public which back up by the in the bank getting drier!...i them...:-)

For me personally, I will grab this opportunity to invest in this fund. As the economy of the world is so unpredictable and i cant take shock as well... to me having cash in hand is better . Amanah Saham 1Malaysia is the best at this moment to me, as i see no reason not to invest in it, fixed price fund- meaning no maturity date requirement like other unit trust fund, the money put in is backed up in safe oven.. with a fixed price at all time - buying & selling...just wait for the dividend announce...if i need cash i can just withdraw at any time without losing out any of my capital as they is no penalty for withdrawing...Thanks God ...for this..Hope that our Prime Minister make good use of the fund as well helping our country to move forward ... in return for a good dividend pay out on the next September 2010!!!