Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Do you ever thought of having more stuff as your income get's better?

As we are living in a material world is natural to have desire to own more stuff as our financial capability improved over time. ..and I would said is a natural thing for all human, but before we do take this step to increase our stuff in whatever forms- car, house or other stuff...have we ever stop and think...? If we keep increasing our standard of living we will have to keep our life busier and busier or faster speed to earn more money, I don't mean that we shouldn't have nice things , but for me when we reach certain stage in our life we may want to have a more relaxing life instead of be ''a servant to yr servant''.

Material things don't necessary make us happy, happiness comes from within, by the way you relate to what you have, not from your actual possessions. To live at or beneath our means, we will discover a different type of abundance in our life-Peace. We will be able to stay calm and relax. I believe this is among the greatest gifts in a lifetime.

A Thousand Miles Start With A Single Step

Today is a very special day to me because i have always wanted to lose some weight...but just couldn't make it , lack of determination always...but today i vow to myself I will do it and I will achieve! whatever weight I want to lose, I know is not simple ..requires a lot of determination and always must stay focus on my vision.

Nothing is impossible! is all inside our mind and heart, is a choice. My main concerned is my health because as we age and if we put on weight gradually without us notice... this will lead to many unwanted health problem, is true.

I know a lady in Cameron Highland, she sells noodle in a coffee shop. She is so pretty to me but
she is so fat- 90 kg that is what she told me and age 35. After 5 months hubby and me went to Cameron again, we went to her shop for breakfast I almost could not recognize her, she is so slim now -56 kg! with her height that is perfect! She look younger and more prettier as she is already pretty actually. According to my survey she stop salties food, no sugar and oily stuff.. cut off only fruit , veg and lean meat...ya no rice too! for 4 months!....IS WORTH IT! VERY WORTH IT! she looks so good and feel so much lighter!

This lady truly inspires me a lot!

if she can do it, why cant i?