Thursday, May 8, 2008

Had a bad migrain attack...better now, going to a nice breakfast for myself to begin the journey of my day!

While ...this morning when i woke up from my sleep i had a bad migraine...maybe cos by the stress I'm facing lately I'm the Treasury for the committee of zone1-1 which recently been elected by the residents here where I'm staying ..a meeting right on this Saturday ..discuss about major issue !ROOF DEFECTS!Before the next meeting start..already few of neighbours looking for me to discussed about the roof problem, i think ...the devil.oper is going to get IT! this time on this coming Saturday Meeting at the management office discussion issue serious roof defects that have been ignore by the developer..for all this year , now the body committee form they throw the whole problem to the committee leader's...cunning indeed.

Developer IRresponsible ATTITUDE! lucky our Malaysia government impose a new law..every condominium or apartments have to have joint body...meaning the committee have the authority to decide where to use or utilise the maintenance fees and now we have taken over to take charge of our own pool of money from maintenance fees see what can our new selected Chairman and myself can do to improve our community here ....for all the people who reside in zone 1-1!

****************************** Time For Pampering A Little****************************

come...NOODLE SOUP from Wennie! You will fall in love with the noodle nICE! Never judge a book by it's will know how gooD! the soup tasTE! only if you are here to join me!.... Uhmm..the taste truly add some meaning to begin the journey of my day!.as i said "secret recipe from Wennie" Even my fussy- Zoe girl cant stand the temptation! OK......"come join me Zoe'...using organic noodle and organic Verge with fish ball! For the soup ingredients ?...if friend you want my recipe ...just let me know.