Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Hakka Asam Fish...

is pretty simple, detoxify, healthy and easy yet delicious.


1) 3 Lemon grass stalk.
2) Asam jawa paste
3) Asm piece -2 slices
4) 6 red chili padi
5) Onions small
6) Turmeric 6 very thin slices
7) Ginger
8) 4 Fish~ in Malay called (Ikan Cermin) Chinese called ( Sui Ching yu) meaning ~crystal fish
9) Honey ( 1 big spoon or 1 small spoon if you prefer a little sour)
10) Olive oil (two big spoon) for stir fry spices

Mixed some asam paste with one big bowl of water, according to individual level of taste, if you like sour then you can add more asam paste in a big bowl of water. Put aside to soak the paste in the bowl of water for a while.
Cut the chili into small, ginger blend to fine(small piece will do) 30 gm.Lemon grass,  turmeric blend to fine together with onions and all this spices put it in a hot wok with little oil fry and stir to get the fragrance out from all the spices, then net add the asam paste juice into the wok cook with slow fire for around 13 minutes, after that add the fresh fish all into the wok, cook for 12 minutes in medium fire, finally add the honey to taste. Now you can enjoyyyy...your Hakka asam fiSSSH! together with warm rice...enjoyyy!