Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Seek For Treatment for the past few days.. neck and back pain!

On Saturday to Monday my back nerve and neck hurts ! sleeping position and also maybe other causes.....i went for a massage by an Indonesian woman for 2 and half hour! came back take a good rest but the pain still there..uhm..and even worse!!!!!

A friend of mine later recommended me to a Chinese physician in Desa Jaya, J.B. yesterday...so I went together with my husband since he is not working , this chinese doctor twist my neck and follow with a cruckkk sound on my back...woooh! loose up some of my joints..follow with 2 kind of Chinese medicine in tablet form for 3 days consumption ....now not even 3 days just the second day my neck and back have stop aching ..if anytime do hunt me again ...?? keep my finger cross, I will go for acupuncture! !! Happy I'm better now...whatever pain this too shall past.....so don't worry just go for treatment :-)

Have you discover your child talents?

Have you take an effort to discover your child talents? You will be amaze at how good they may be in certain skills and is a wonderful thing if you can share their creativeness along the way!This picture is drawn by my niece, creative ideas and very talented in her art as we can see picture below - by April Seymour from Ca. U.S.A. my sweet niece!11 years of age. She have recently join an art contest...title: Save The Ocean, she did it so well but i cant show the picture here as the picture specially drawn for the contest, whether April will win in the contest ? Well, will wait and see...??? but as she had done her best, in the spirit of art she already won for herself!a big prize!!! in ART. Here is one of my niece drawing-

Artist: April

Art name: Salga The Blue Tiger