Saturday, December 25, 2010

Have a wonderful and grateful Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year 2011

Amazing...this turkey really taste SO SEDAP, I always think turkey meat usually quite tough, but amazing taste so much better then chicken, so tender, smooth and sweet the meat...of course plus my mother recipe..marinate! i love turkey meat hmmm :),

"This A Fake Cake, I want the turkey ..."

I wish everyone a very joyous Christmas and a smooth year ahead 2011...God Bless all of you .
A time to be thankful for all the blessings we received and be grateful for all that we have been bless..***.MERRY CHRISTMAS*** :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Last month went to visit crocodile farm ...

here are some video i shoot personally, enjoy viewing...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas Just Around The Corner...

Christmas ~just not far away from now, i still remember last year Christmas just over not so long..time really indeed flying off fast, fast then i could imagine. I just pray that each year of Christmas mark in my life can be fully and happily live with much Joy, Peace and most is Love. I love Christmas , cos it remind me of Jesus... and also the end of a year soon be grateful that we can live healthy, safe and with much love. Of course there will be time that we feel unhappy and sad of some issues arise in between time, but... cheerios! cause we finally made to the year end and be stronger ..most , live happily and let go thing's which cause us unhappiness, cherish all the good things we are blessed in our life for as long as i live...indeed God have given us with love and grace.

Monday, October 4, 2010


a 6.38 % pa dividend on 1st of October this month, in the media PNB also declared that they reserved a 1% and more percent for next year paid out, why is that so? Well, anyway the paid out interest is better then conventional FD and EPF interest, right?...should just be glad for now, but anything prove by the test of time..whether is it time prove??? still wait to be seen...
I will probably Chanel my investment into share market when the time is right for me on some fine stocks, rather then waiting for the dividend, that is just my personal point of view:)
Overall, glad to received some paid out from our PNB ; )
By the way, I was told by one of the PNB staff...that the calculation is minimum balance of the month x 6.38 % then divided by 13.871 months instead of 12 months, meaning 1.871 months gone with the wind??? we check in on 5th of August any comment??? she added that next year paid out will be divide to 12 then, meaning first insertion rugilah..if we really calculate from the check in date OF 5TH August to sept 2010, the money we received from AS1M...IS not 6.38% anymore, around 5.2% only, correct me if I'm wrong...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shop houses on fire ...

while we were passing by ulu tiram way afternoon Monday, the fire is so fierce...and i see no bomba( fire brigade) there to save the lot of people standing a long the way to watch but cant do much either as the fire really fierce, worse i saw a paint factory just 2 shop away next to the shop that is on can be really scary if you not careful with it, be really careful at home..don't place any risk fire objct or careless..dont take for granted.

Amanah Saham Wawasan 2020 Dividend is 6.35% for 2010

Amanah Saham Wawasan 2020 financial year declared a payout dividend of 6.35% for the current financial year, the income distribution will be credited into units holder's accounts on 1 st of September and reinvested in the form of new units.
As a comparison, year 2009 dividend is 6.325%.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Delicious food store that i have tried during my holiday

This curry prawn ...Penang restaurant, Yee Heng restaurant at Chulia...not worth to go, the food there is out..nice beautiful renovation but very lousy and not cheap . Cut troat place.

Penang.... Keng Onn Restaurant~ one of an old restaurant in Chulia street just around Love Lane street...they are alot of Penang local headed to this restaurant for i went in to tried, the asam fish to me is just fine and other dishes to me i gave 7/10 marks . THe boss there is thump uppp! service :)D wonder is it b'cos of the service that is why so famous..ha aha ..the man with white hat is the boss and also waiter...very kelakar ( funny) man indeed..and thoughtful.

This food store is at Kuala Lumpur Petaling street ( chinaTown), is quite hard to find this store if you first time there cos is behind shop lots and just in a small dark lane, they call it ( ah Sai, chu chao)..for me i sure to go to this food store whenever i'm in K.L.
The food dishes there are freshly cook with order, UPP!! 10/10 marks, very tasty indeed. ..even better then high class Chinese restaurant.The boss there is the main Chef..good cook, you must try if you go K.L.

This '' Hakka Lu app'' Marinated duck hakka style, hand's uPPPP! VERY VERY GOOD !!!

We ate this at Horizon restaurant in Kulai Johor Bahru...SuPerb!!! besttt...and bite brighten up my true.

This salted egg sauce fried crap ...uhhh! fabulous mnnn...finger UP!

At Horizon Restaurant in Kulai..

Mr.Gary, the boss of Horizon Restaurant and also the honourable Chef :)D
GOOD cook!

At the Horizon Kulai, Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

This is the Low Wong chicken taugeh( chicken with bean sprout ) restaurant, very crowded..maybe b'cos of the name, to me Ipoh people very very good in praising their dishes..but to me after trying is very normal and ok..7/10 marks...but a little not so hygiene .

This the food store with it pic above , the Kuala Lumpur china town ..Ah Sai food store, looking at this pic might be very simple right?this is vege( kiu ki , vege) and home made fish ball...uhhh sedap!!! 10/10 marks.

Brinjal fried with Belacan and fresh prawns, really very fresh prawns..very chewy and sweet the prawns ..i love this dish, never miss to order whenever i go to this store.

This bitter gourd fry with spare rib( pai kut) taste good..10/10

Weng Kee restaurant Ipoh, this the cheese crap ..moderate i give 6/10 marks

Buntong beef noodle, cheap and nice, from Iph town to this plce around 40 minutes...small town ..the shop name '' buntong beef noodle'' located at a stretch of shop lot facing main road. Famous shop for its beef noodle.

Delicious seafood noodle , at Jusco Japanese Permas Jaya.

Zoe, holiday me :)D

Road side store in the nightPenang, we order fried beehoon noodle...taste ok, but VERY VERY EXPENSIVE!! KETOK..CUT TROUTH!!! located around Chulia street corner junction.

At Low in Ipoh...Chicken and bean spout .

Chicken very smooth the skin , taste ok lah.

The noodle soup base taste so so only...not to my liking ...

Personally to me, in Malaysia food in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru is gooddd!!!! now i finally found the answer myself after so many years of reseach..but must go to the right one... the northern side like Penang is very very expensive their food and even the famous restaurant doesnt taste as good though . Ipoh the food is very cheap and taste so much better then Penang...Happy ...sharing :)D ( forgive m, for being very straight forward in my comment if you happen to be one of the locals)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I treasure every moment with them...

Zoe and Loke-Loke

She( Loke-Loke) is looking for my hubby....

Zoe.......big girl now..very obedient and kind

my puppy, to some they are just puppy or to some of you might think I'm obsessed to puppy, but I'm not, I love them very much part of my life, this 2 puppy are so adorable and close to me...i believe God bless two of them to me, especially Zoe is from baby , she understand most what i communicate...amazing! isn't it, very good girl and seems to understand me too...only i knew..she sleep with me, talk to me tru her eye expression and body movement...seems that i understand her too. This are all the pics ...that i will keep for remembrance...every movement and moment is so precious to me :-))

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I miss Fortune Sense post a very very fantastic post, one day dint read it ...seems like something missing...I'm so sad when i know that the Blog post been deleted by sad :-( ( why ??//??///
and my washing machine not be able to use yet, till ...all the hose and piping run properly, as i put it in my dressing room ! yes, more convenient for me too..that way dont need to walk all way to the i lazy zzzz ??? anyway hope all will fix up soon possible, luckily the old one Hitachi Top Loading repaired and function well and fine :-)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

All things will past no matter what...right..

..good or bad, nothing stay fix forever only true love my washing machine technician finally came with the Hitachi part, after 1.5 month! but really cant blame them ...cos Thailand import to K.L then to Johor, so what can i expect during this time when Thailand now in crisis?
Well, i did book a Lg wd 9010sj washing machine already and will arrive probably today to my house, no cancellation even though the Hitachi is real fine now...after this experience better to have a spare one then just depend on one...i and hubby did our laundry cleaning to half dead...did try to send to laundry shop but found the clothes not as clean :-( plus we have no maid ..not necessary though as our home is just nice for 2 persons fr the little space that we have but honestly we have almost everything in our home, really THANKS GOD for HIS Blessings upon our life and our home indeed :-)) tomorrow need to sweep my CR$ card ok anyway money not used is not your money$, the value of money is determine... on the moment we spend it and on individual objective , right? :-)

Friday, April 16, 2010

seem's luck is not on my side...

late, wonder why is all my things all spoilt one follow another :-Z, last month oven gone out of service..which play an important roll in our most of our cooking need it, so went and bought a new one cost RM 400 after discount.., then follow another most vital washing machine!!! wohw!...i really have no idea wat is happening to my life in 2010 ? i need to save and yet force to spend! just to change a spare part of the w.machine cost me RM350....yet is not repair yet, the agent told me need to wait for 1-2 months time!!!!! helll!! should i buy a new one???/@$mmmm i swear i wont buy hitachi washing machne in my life! for less then 3 year already gone hay wire, hand wash for so long till now up to the agent, the reply is like this'' we waiting the part's to arrive give us another 2-3 weeks, another one said hitachi always got damage especially for this particular part's the centre spinner.... :( God pls help ... i went the other day to window shop, spot a LG washing machine, fully imported from korea that is wat the sales man said...well is not easy to finda good w.mchn now... the damage is cost RM 2000!!!!!! DISCOUNT 100 STILL WILL COST ME 1900! SIGH.....

Friday, March 19, 2010

Just got my LCD SONY BRAVIA BX400 '' 40'' and home theatre

Zoe ( Smiling) latest pic update, she grown up a lot...ya?

Loke-loke sleepy face.....

Just got my LCD T.V. bx400 Sony Bravia..'' 40 ''
unfortunately the antenna is not fix yet..using indoor receiver, not really clear:(

Home Theatre....Sony for my private time enjoyment... long did not blog, busy a little, miss all of you that used to read my here update a little of my well the changes in my home....
Seems everything have change in my home lately, after the renovation, my Hf went hay wre!!! so got myself a home theatre this time and TV LCD!!! :-) , anyway life is to enjoy to the fullest ,
especially inside the home...yesssss

Sunday, February 21, 2010

This year we have some light food at my home and have a dinner gathering of 20 family members! a restaurant, but somehow i felt cooking at home though is a little tired but still taste better and missing my nephew Lei Tao praising my food just like he did in the previous year....'' aunt ..i love your cooking'', he always finish all the food on the plate at the end when everyone stop eating... this is wat he always said to me also..'' your black vinegar pork mmm ..taste terrific!''.., sorry for this year, in God grace year i cook for him.
though is really very tired to cook , especially for so many people but when i see how they enjoy the food make's me happy :-)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Home CNY Deco....2010 :-))


Here are some of my master piece deco from me....hope will give some light up during the coming CNY....simple decoration for the CNY :-) ....mmm i have resolution for this year...that is be happy with wat i have , let go the unhappy things that took place in 2009...move forward with confidence and filled up the heart with gratitude to GOD with all that HE have BlesS! in my life :- ) '' SING NIEN KUAI LEH !'' to everyone that drop by my blog :- )

Friday, January 1, 2010

step to a new chapter of a new year...2010