Monday, August 25, 2008

Most packed food store in Johor Bahru I ever witness

I'm almost 20 years faithful customer to this old food store in Johor Bahru. The food served still as good and never change in taste or style, why change when is GOOD!The steam fish with crispy garlic is marvelous! so are the rest of the food served. Look at the crowd! luckily is not hot the weather today or else i wont even walk in to sit.

Attend One Of My Malay Friend Wedding

Hubby and me attended to a Malay friend's wedding last weekend, this in fact is my first time witness such a unique tradition in Malay wedding that seems very different to what other Malay wedding that i ever attend before. The bridegroom ( my friend) stretches out his hand for the guest to bless them by putting few of the spices ready on a silver stand plate, consist of padi, white watery paste, pandan leaf with little flower ext. I took some pictures during the ceremony's.