Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Look At My Little Zoe...Cute Or Not ? But Please Dont Act Too Rush Before You Are Sure..

Zoe girl have brings a lot of happiness into my life, just cant believe myself that I will love a puppy so much, if only I knew ....about how one can be so happy to live with a loving puppy ...I would not be so scared of having one long ago. If you are staying a lone or a small family is really nice to have them with you as your best companion! really but before you make a decisions to have one ..please...please make sure you don't abandon them..just get hot for a while then cold..then abandon! that is cruel..some people do that you know? Is a commitment of love too....so think and consider properly if you really want to have a puppy's ..they are very kind and faithful one. But taking care of them really requires a lot of patient and love at times, also have to shower and prepare food for them. Can you ? you may ask yr maid to do it but it wont be the same...when you do this yourself for your puppy...though take some of our time but is worth it, if you enjoy the companionship .