Saturday, May 9, 2009

Last Sunday, we have a wonderful trip again to Sebana- Sungai Rengit...

as hubby wish to get my dream wallet for me..Ostrich leather wallet, but least did i dream of getting 2 ( two) wallet at once at the ostrich farm! ideal one which i consider to buy the last trip i went is the brown one, but when hubby told me to get the yellow orange one..makes me divede 2!...last hubby get 2 for me! Ostrich leather luxury wallet collections. The workmanship, the trade line -good and solid trade used, the leather is soft and for yr information ostrich leather contain its own natural oil base on its leather :-) the shine is sharp as we use it.

Well i think the most happy time is not on collection - the nice wallet, but hubby and me ..we both really have a great time later at Sebana Resort- we have the most wonderful lunch ...talking..laughing..joking..discussion..a cold cold beer accompany with fantastic STEAK! lunch for both of us, i love the environment cosy and windy ...nice of all the friendly and polite service from all the staff of SEBANA resort...who is the management ? very well managed indeed!...oh ya..the captain even offer us a geruga security to take care of Zoe in the lounge room, while we having our lunch. To me , this i a blessing from God indeed, we will book a night stay there on weekend the near future.`````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````