Friday, November 7, 2008

Have you ever take sometime to glare at the cloud on the sky..thinking how lucky you are to be alive and God gave peace in your life?

Is 11.19 am now...while I'm online here.. I look out to the blue from my the window, is so soothing and peaceful, i so windy everyday ..the wind just come in my home and the sky is so clear...just looking at it makes me felt so calm :-) and grateful for all things that I'm blessed.'' Father In Heaven, I thank you that you made me strong and complete in your blessings through Grace and refining me each and every day... as long as you want me to be on this earth, in Jesus name, Amen".

My sister forward this passage to me from NST and I believe is very true indeed

Spotlight: Thoughts heal you, kill you byAudrey Vijaindren

Silva Method Malaysia managing director Steven Soh Teck Toh says whatever you believe will happen.
GOOD thoughts, bad thoughts. A person goes through about 66,000 thoughts a day, both negative and positive, says mind science consultant Professor Dr R.Kadeer Ibraheem.
Professor Dr R. Kadeer Ibraheem says hatred, anger, grudges and judgment can destroy friendships.
Clinical psychologist Leong Huey Mei feels everyone must surround himself with positive thoughts.
“We go through many thoughts in a day, but whether they have a positive or negative impact is up to us.” Negative thoughts of anger and hatred are so powerful that they can destroy our health, mood and happiness.
“Hatred, anger, grudges and judgment destroy friendships, business dealings, opportunities and several other aspects of our lives,” s ay s K a d e e r.
Thought can also be used for good and we can do almost anything, says Kadeer, but only if we first believe in our selves.
“We must eliminate our fears, step by step. We must do everything in stages and not rush it. After we develop this ability to believe in ourselves, we will enjoy the results.” The power of the mind should never be underestimated, because it’s the one facet of a human being which can tease, trick, convince and destroy.
Its powers have long been used to create wealth, kick habits and lose we i g h t .
Over the past few years, the mind has taken on a new role: It’s been a key player in the body’s healing proc e s s.
Silva Method Malaysia managing director Steven Soh Teck Toh is convinced that whatever goes into your mind will come to pass. Whatever you put into your mind and believe is going to happen will happen.
“This works for good and bad thoughts. So be careful with what you feed your brain. That’s why it’s so important to only have positive thoughts, especially when fighting a disease. Every time a negative thought gets into your mind, you should consciously tell yourself, ‘can - cel, cancel’.” Soh has seen the power of believing work in people who have had various medical issues, from warts to a low sperm count.
“An accountant and his wife were desperately trying to have a baby, but the doctor told the husband that his sperm count was low, and that it was almost impossible.
“He asked the doctor for a sperm map and looked at it every night, picturing and believing that his sperm count would increase. His sperm count did go up and, a year later, he was the proud father of a baby boy.” Soh says it’s also important to clean your “mind archives” ever y day to make room for positive t h o u g h t s.
“Any concerns or worries you have should be addressed daily. Don’t keep them in. Recognise them, deal with them and get rid of them.
“Keeping them all in will clog your ‘mind pipe’ and prevent you from feeding yourself positive thoughts.” According to Soh, the onset of cancer is usually after a traumatic enc o u n t e r.
“Most cancer patients would have had traumatic experiences, six to 18 months before the onset “The first thing cancer patients should do is trace the experiences they’ve had in the past two years.
“When they have identified the cause, they should accept the situation.
It could be a financial problem, or a death in the family.” Unfortunately, many terminally ill patients don’t want to be cured, Soh says. “They say they do, but deep in their hearts they don’t mean it. Many don’t have the will to live, and that attitude is enough to kill them.
“If you’re dying and want to be cured, you’ll break all other appointments and do what it takes to be healed. When your mind doesn’t want to get better, your body releases enzymes that make that thought a reality.” Soh says that the more you reject the reality of things, the more you attract it. “Cancer is not deadly if you take precautions in the beginning.
People should understand that the mind is the first tool they should use to overcome cancer.” Clinical psychologist Leong Huey Mei says: “When you adopt a positive attitude you find that everything is possible. Having positive thoughts mean giving yourself a choice.
“Too often, we hear those sick or in trouble say they have no choice.
When they say that, it becomes something that cannot be resolved.
“A positive attitude gives you energy to move on. Those who waste their energy on negative thoughts are killing that energy.
“But, if they think positive, although the situation seems impossible, they’ll find a solution. It’s all mind over matter.” Leong says illnesses and bad situations befall anyone. “Things don’t always go the way we want. But if we keep complaining and living in the ‘w hy s ’, we are digging a deeper g rave.
“We have to learn to adapt to the new situation and find ways to remedy the problem or we won’t be healthy. Adjust to the environment.
“Deal with the issue instead of exploding.
Don’t let it accumulate.
Don’t dwell. Let other people help if you can’t deal with it. Talk to positive people and surround yourself with positive thoughts.” Being aware of your negative thoughts, she says, is a very important part of recovery.
“Each time a negative thought crosses your mind, you must challenge it. If you keep telling yourself it’s useless and you can’t do it, then that is what will materialise.
“Even if you think there’s only a 20 per cent chance of getting through this tough time, work on it. Stop focusing on the other 80 per cent.
T h at ’s wasted energy.” First, she says, one must be able to identify the negative thoughts in order to change them.
“Recognise those thoughts and then push them out of your mind, each and every time. Replacing negative thoughts with positive ones is another way of doing it.” She says some people claim that positive thinking is just a way of cheating yourself? “Maybe it is. But, if it’s helping the situation and making you feel better, why not?” As the words of the poet John Milton go, “the mind is its own place, and in itself, can make heaven of hell, and a hell of heaven”.