Tuesday, April 28, 2009

RM980 Million ASW 2020 Sold In 4 Hours!! .....

what A GRAB!...so a little here and there people put their money in huh?...sukuk bond, ASM and ASW 2020, while i was waiting for my no in the post office near by my place for the ASM 2020. a Chinese lady was before me...she complaint to me saying that the post officer told her that she cant subscribe this bond for her son, she and her husband have subscribed anyway, she is not satisfied with the rejection...she told the post officer that she need to lodge a report cos is still so early why she cant buy this bond for her son...then later the officer allowed her to buy!..mmmm Wat a world now...me and hubby buy a little in this fund, capital protected and dividend rate will be better then putting in FD anyway, hassle free..don't need to worry( God Bless).

Amanah Saham Wawasan 2020 (ASW 2020) Dividend Rate Since year 1999Year


2008 - 7.00

2007 - 8.00

2006 - 6.80

2005 - 7.10

2004 - 7.00

2003 - 6.60

2002 - 7.25

2001 - 7.25

2000 - 8.80

1999 - 10.20

For those who had successed subscribe to this time ASW 2020, do wait for coming August dividend declaration date and see whether you are satisfy with the dividend rate.